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  1. Ummmm, no they didn’t and no she didn’t. Your statement is a prime example of why people shouldn’t believe everything they see in the Book of Face. That’s how Russia really influenced the election. People on social media are morons.
  2. Has nothing to do with hate. It’s all about established fact. I know facts are hard for conservatives to comprehend. That’s the difference between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives are like the parents who spoil their child and think that they can do no wrong. Liberals are those who realize that their kids can do wrong and call them out in it but still love them at the same time.
  3. Just for their religion though. They weren’t exactly tolerant of others.
  4. One of these days we’ll get an original response out of you instead of the same old worn out one.
  5. Actually, mine is always unlocked. Good luck finding it though.
  6. Sorry guys, I’ve been away from my phone for a little while (not by choice mind you). I thought people on Smoaky couldn’t take a joke but man you should see those guys in DC with suits and shades on. They take everything so seriously.
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