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  1. Dark days around here. Goodness it’s depressing. Good luck to legacy rest of the year.
  2. I do man. I wish I was Longview honestly. Our life #### so bad. You guys have it all.
  3. Just saying man. Nobody thinks about Lancaster when they think of dominating programs. Longview is in that category. Lancaster is not. Lufkin is not. John Tyler is not. Y’all didn’t blow out world beaters last week. It was a solid win. Congratulations. But HP, Denton Ryan, and probably even Lone star would’ve beaten Lancaster by 2+ scores. Me and a JT fan predicted a blowout before it happened. Nothing they done looked impressive. HP beats some of those Dallas ISD schools in the past by less than Lancaster does lol. They flex on those schools and make themselves look like a state contender. Li
  4. I thought you asked Lufkin and John Tyler not Lancaster and John Tyler. But go off
  5. Playoff wise, obviously John Tyler. But look at our overall Wins-Losses records. Plus, who had missed the playoffs and who hasn’t
  6. I understand man. I certainly can respect the passion. I definitely respect the program. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. Lufkin sure makes it tough for their fans to really stand up and say anything. They can’t back us up and support us with their on field success. Just ####.
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