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  1. Heck of a run Longview over the last few years. Pretty sure everyone is shocked over this loss. If you’re not somewhat surprised you’re lying lol. I also don’t understand people that want to come out and start bumping their lips toward Longview losing this game. Knowing they wish their program had this type of success. Nonetheless, congrats on a good season.
  2. It was definitely a great game. No matter what could’ve, or should’ve happened. Can’t take away how good of a game it ended up being lol.... Now go beat those big city kids from frisco
  3. Hey, congrats to y’all man. Heck of a game, great game plan. Kids played their heart out and deserved to win. Good luck moving forward
  4. Duh. Kinda like y’all are all up in here? Ain’t you got a ghetto, illiterate podcast to make?
  5. True. We lost to a team y’all beat. And Vice Verca. We curb stomped College station and they curb stomped y’all. Guess we all equally ####
  6. Only good team they played was Diboll.... And well. We see how that turned out
  7. And Rockwall almost beat highland park and we smoked nacogdoches. We finna win state!
  8. Bruh really went there Only team Equal to Nac is Huntington
  9. Yeah I was shocked when they lost to Tomball. Idk what’s going on with CS lately lol I don’t even know what to think. Just hope they turn up for this game
  10. Bro that loss would’ve sent them home and Tomball would’ve had the 4 seed
  11. It was definitely Reggie. The kid is a heck of a ball player, but he has dropped several passes this year.
  12. Lol.... The whole world is out to get Longview. They are the only high school football team in this state that has bad calls go against them. Poor lobos
  13. He didn’t do that against Longview at SFA that year? Lol.. I for sure thought he fumbled twice that game
  14. Yeah they were good no doubt... Did lane not fumble a couple of times in that game? Maybe I’m thinking of another one
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