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  1. They have some transfers they just got a cb from some where
  2. He didn’t play tonight he got hurt in practice but he ok he will be back something minor but playing it safe cause we gonna need him
  3. Just Keep watching him they said no freshman would move to varsity and play and he has and is in rotation with 3 tds this year and would have alot more if the ball was threw to him more and could play safety or corner easily.
  4. He is still 14 and since he is in rotation we will see him and maybe see a couple more passes to him this week
  5. I told everyone if they give him a Chance he will show what he can do and we haven’t even begin to see how he can play yet once he touches the ball 5 to 6 times a game
  6. Just got to put him in and see no different from him playing up in basketball or baseball like he has in the past he played with the varsity boys in basketball this summer and was the one winning the games for them so I know he has the mental some kids just have it
  7. If they give jalen hale a chance I think he could be the game changer on the offensive end they have to use him tho
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