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  1. glad carthage is gone. Arygle got this .
  2. Laneville seems always a contender in basketball.
  3. yes I figured that out after the fact lol
  4. I was just saying you're awfully concerned about my posting on here for some unknown reason. Kinda obvious in your responses and attitude you tend to portray with others.
  5. One can say that about a lot of folks on here . I wouldn't throw rocks in glass houses bud.
  6. I am here . I can always count on your concern. I am surely appreciate you missing me. I am not a guru that is reserved for you.
  7. Isnt Henderson in a seven team district but they have four non District games? Mabank ,Athens ,Lindale, Kilgore, Henderson, Palestine, and Chapel Hill?
  8. Not East Tx but Austin Westlake plays South Lake Carroll. Hc of SLC : Riley Dodge Hc of Westlake :Dad Todd Dodge Momma got to root for someone. Plus add in SLC playing their old coach.
  9. Yep makes no difference. Calling your shots when you didn't win is foolish
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