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  1. Not East Tx but Austin Westlake plays South Lake Carroll. Hc of SLC : Riley Dodge Hc of Westlake :Dad Todd Dodge Momma got to root for someone. Plus add in SLC playing their old coach.
  2. Yep makes no difference. Calling your shots when you didn't win is foolish
  3. Loss is a loss counts the same being arrogant about makes absolutely no sense
  4. Especially when one of the games they were soundly defeated
  5. Carthage big winner gets an easy District like they needed it. 94aD1 yep gets rid of that same team. All those teams were so excited they failed to get them on the schedule.
  6. Way more realistic. Not super easy not super difficult either.
  7. She thought it was the constitution common mistake in the Democratic world
  8. Be like Yates whatever it takes bud
  9. Truth and making America Great too much for you I see
  10. No he get lot of votes if he takes Surratt out of carthage
  11. Might wanna look into a mirror
  12. Wow that is bad any chance they pull off a win against stiffer competition?
  13. Casualty of letting them score. Surratt couldn't promise that again. @CarthDawg77.
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