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  1. Not what I was getting at, but not surprising coming from you and fyi, Ford was at Waskoms game Thursday.
  2. I also heard that DF was turned in as well. That the complaint to UIL stated coaches in the press box were not following the face covering rules. Heard Waskom and Hughes Springs coaches were both there. It would be really low for coaches to do something like this but it wouldn’t be surprising.
  3. You are far from innocent. You took a jab at us on the EF/DF feed a few weeks ago, and you clearly couldn't wait to get back on here and trash my son after the Waskom/EF game. You didn’t hurt his feelings or mine with your ignorance, but I’m not going to sit back and let you smear his name and paint him as some hate-filled punk.
  4. Lol, nah I’m not mad. Not going to tolerate some troll posting ignorance and lies about my kid.
  5. For the record, I asked for the slanderous post made by @justafan towards my son, #4 for EF, to be removed. In turn, I’m sure they removed all negative comments involving coaches and players from the Waskom/EF feed. I won’t sit by idly and let anyone try to tarnish my sons name with inaccurate information.
  6. Maybe if I were the Caitlyn Jenner type. Sry boys!
  7. What is hommie or ware? Oh, did you mean homie and wear?! Off on your spelling. If you are going to post, at least try not to embarrass the school that educated you. You are only a few years older than me, so I know you were taught better... you know the good ole days when EF was “one step ahead.”
  8. You are right; I am his mother. Clearly I’m not trying to hide behind a screen name. I grew up in this community and graduated from EF. We moved our family back to EF by choice, and we proudly stand behind our choice, but the EF I know doesn’t settle for mediocrity.
  9. More than just family talking, or as you say whining, about why he is not playing offense. You obviously are out of touch with your community and football. No, he didn’t play defense at the large 4A, now 5A school he came from. He was a starting WR/TE as a sophomore, who received district honors. Make no mistake, we are happy for the Jackets and are pleased with the outcomes of the games so far. However, it is hard to sit and watch your son’s potential just being squandered every Friday night. I’m not saying he has to be on the field every snap. It would be nice for him to get some reps
  10. You are way off course and obviously have no idea why EF fans are aggravated. We aren’t talking about being 21 points ahead and him not playing because with the way things are now, #4 would have been on the field on offense because he’s a second stringer, and that’s what you do when you’re up 21! Or you had a receiver with a wrapped up injured hand, but he still played the entire game. We are aggravated because #4, who is at a minimum, better than the worst receiver we have, is seeing ZERO reps during the game as a receiver. The only time he sees the field on offense is when they use him as t
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