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  1. how that work out for potts and tatum? told you it would malakoff by a WHOLE lot. 2 catches for 28 for Titus and Plyler had 59 rushing on 3.1 avg. If a team can stop those 2 things PB was very beatable
  2. malakoff by a lot, if you stop QB run and 50/50 balls to 32 then you beat them and I think malakoff can
  3. if MV wins tonight. if MV loses Minny is the #1. last 2 weeks of that district have a lot riding on it. MV vs Pottsboro tonight and Pottsboro vs Winnsboro next week
  4. who is we? you on the team or just living vicariously through them?
  5. So on the one play youre talking about they were going to get a safety because WO defense blew up your line and was tackling RB in endzone and he made a bonehead decision, but that was made because the D was there. So best case you get safety and give WO the ball back. The other play again, your QB was in the endzone and was going to be close to getting a safety and fumbled it trying to make a move. So both plays WO defenders were on your players, dont pretend it was some fluke kid just dropped the ball in open space fumble. And "if you take away the 2 big plays" well if you ta
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