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  1. I like the moxie. You don’t get better playing down....same approach as trying to schedule the State Champs. I’m digging the aggressive vibe.
  2. Sure you did. When you stated that EF should be glad that they didn’t have to face Newton the last two years. It’s called an insinuation Purple Rain! You inferred that sentiment! That’s ok though. No doubt you’re in grief over the high probability that y’alls ego gets checked soon! Denial and anger are the first two steps in the grieving process. Just know that acceptance will eventually arrive and everything will be ok! I’ll be praying for ya Purple Rain!
  3. Barking at the wrong dog. I could care less who y'all are, what you've won, who you've beat, or what you did two years ago. There isn't any reason to be scared of you or anybody else for that matter! Win or loose, we will be just fine either way. You either win or learn, such as life
  4. LOL, [email protected]#! RIGHT! That '54 Chevy panel truck I had, which was already a classic twice over at the time, only dreamed of having cup holders....and power steering.....and a fuel gauge that worked....and a speed-o that worked...you get the point
  5. No, I would be shocked! 1% of the US population are farmers. Unless Bells is the exception to the rule, which judging by the aerial images of Bells, it is not! It's a bedroom town to Sherman, Denison, and North Dallas! I see some farmland on the out skirts but what small town doesn't have that! Some of your kids might pick up odd jobs on the weekends or summer on the farm but that don't make them a salt of the earth up every morning before the sun field plow'n hay chunk'n by GOD farmer! I was in Ag...never would claim to be a farmer. Gonna need to use the "force" a little more than that to get over on this ole boy!
  6. Farm boys!? Really!? Those are few and far between these days! I'd be surprised if 20% of those kids have ever put in one hard day in their entire lives!
  7. Smh, don't sing it bring it, purple rain! If I were you, I'd be worried about my own house! I don't see Newton teaching anyone any lessons!
  8. I don’t need to meet you. I’ve got you figured out from a few posts on this thread. You must carry some resentment cause why else would you be on this thread crying about a “penalty” that, from what YOUR weak evidence shows, never took place. In fact could prove your guys got away with one. That winking face emoji is a subtle passive aggressive touch that is a good out for ya when someone calls you out on your BS. You piping up earlier about us loosing kids to Waskom reinforces that resentment for EF. I’m sure those folks you were speaking of really want their business out here for all to read. As for your example of you not being confused...I’m not so sure you’re not. You’re at the minimum confused about what an illegal pick is....maybe more. Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. Good luck with the head start in basketball!
  9. Don't confuse me with someone that gives a rip! Hard to prove a point with a few still frames and some yellow circles. However, I'll play your game here! The first frame shows Waskom defender at least 3 yds. behind the EF receiver. Then in subsequent frames it looks like Waskom defender proceeds to cross the face of EF oncoming receiver and make contact with him. You would be more apt to prove that the Waskom defender impeded the progress of the EF receiver and get flagged for PI in that series of images! The Waskom defender was completely out of position and would have never been able to make a defensive play on #5 anyway! The question I have is why are you bringing this up? To my recollection Waskom won this game so why not be a gracious winner and move on, or should I go with my gut answer on this one! Waskom didn't take care of business when they needed to, EF did! Waskom out.....EF in.... DEAL WITH IT!
  10. Don’t confuse an illegal pick with kids getting their feet crossed up trying to cover our receivers. I’d suggest your DB’s hitting that hardwood basketball court, helps with foot work. Which is in full swing in Waskom right now!
  11. Have any of y’all seen their game film from the Winona game last week? Looked like Bells did just enough to win. Winona took a punt return and a kickoff to the house on them. Defense was just good enough to keep their RB’s in check. Bells backs are avg. size, no frills north and south backs although they do run some toss sweeps and a hand off that goes to their slot back that goes off tackle. They like to run a QB sneak a lot which Winona let them clack off 5 yards or more each time they ran it. Their backs do a good job protecting the football in traffic but have limited vision of the field when doing so. They have zero break away speed. Some of our DL and all of our LB’s and DB’s are more agile and faster. They’ve got some butterballs on their OL but our speed up there should trump that. I don’t want us to overlook them cause they’ve managed to make it to round 2 but I think our defense is not going to have much trouble with their one dimensional offense. If we force them into 3rd and long situations they’ll fold up like a lawn chair. Our spread is definitely going to give them fits. Winona’s QB isn’t #8 and Winona’s RB’s aren’t #5, #7, or even #27. Our offensive producers should have big nights if firing on all 8! Probably another 400+ total offense kind of night. I think our boys have gotten a taste and are ready for seconds! GO GET SOME JACKETS!
  12. They don’t know about smoaky in Bells, cause if they did you know they would be on here bumping them gums like the they are on FSSW FB Friday
  13. Had I known mentioning our Middle School athletes would bring about all that, I would've have kept that comment to myself. Thanks for the well wishes @TTFN
  14. He's definitely an asset in both sports and a great kid! He would be missed!
  15. IDK, that would be some big shoes to fill! I think he would give it a shot if asked to. If that was the case, I see him as more of a bruiser type back where #5 is a make you miss type back. This fact would require a different offense. #27 has shown some promise at that position if I'm recalling the number correctly. I would be for him playing out of the backfield as long as he's effective back there. So far he's shown to be an asset lined up out wide and if we aren't going to use any two back sets I don't see the need. I wish we would mix up our offense from time to time though. Use a two and three back set.....keep the defense guessing. I'm not saying abandon the spread though! It's been very effective!
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