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  1. This match up was bound to happen this year, seeing how it’s 2020. Both teams have had their metal tested since they played in October. This will be another hard fought game. Wouldn’t expect anything less. GO JACKETS! STING’EM!
  2. Thanks @Wild74, I figured math was the primary vehicle how Jerry's arrived at it's predictions. It can't account for the intangibles, injuries, and the high school football player. You're right though, 50% isn't that great but it is cool to look at.
  3. @Wild74I'm just curious, does Jerry's score predictions have a stat for it's accuracy?
  4. Hopefully we have better weather for this game than we did last year. That was miserable, cold and wet! This is another game where the team with the least amount of mistakes wins. I'm looking forward to it. Keep pounding and passing the rock Jackets! Gonna need another great performance from our hogs, the ole DL and OL. I've got faith that y'all can execute and get it done. Jerry's score prediction that @Wild74posted last week favored EF by 9 over Hooks so I'm going with Jackets by 9 in this match up.
  5. You would have to go up to the 5A classification. Ennis....perhaps. Just spit balling. I haven't seen either of these teams play.
  6. It ping'd on my radar but I was guessing DF. I'll tell you I'm glad we aren't playing there. Didn't wanna have to have another conversation with DF's finest about these masks.
  7. I didn’t either. I’m not positive of this but I would imagine those numbers are determined by an algorithm. If those 1-0 victories over ND & OC do get factored in then that could throw some numbers off. Having said that, looking at the prediction this week, I’ll take the points and the over!
  8. I guess we won a coin flip if we are the home team?
  9. They need to get a new dealer and start playing with a full deck, this is ridiculous.
  10. What is UIL's problem? Are we not past the whole limited capacity bs in Texas?
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