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  1. District 9 West Rusk returns 10 from the ALL DISTICT list from a AAA DI team that went 7-4. Harmony returns 7 from the ALL DISTICT team that went 8-4. West Rusk is the favorite. District 10 Paul Pewitt returns 13 from the ALL DISTICT list and 8 starters both ways from the state runner up team. Hooks returns 12 from the ALL DISTICT list from the AAA DI team that went 8-3. Daingerfield returns 6 from the ALL DISTICT list and they went 11-3 last season. Pewitt is the favorite. District 11 Hughes Springs return 8 from the ALL DISTICT team and they went 8-3 in AAA I. The other 6 six teams are young and will play for second. District 12 Newton returns 8 from the ALL DISTICT list, Anderson Shiro returns 8 and Corrigan Camden return 7. Newton is the favorite. Region III favorites: Paul Pewitt, Hooks, Newton and Hughes Springs Read the rest of the article on Texas Hometown Football.
  2. 2020 AAA District and Region Favorites District 1 Denver City returns 12 off the ALL DISTRICT list from a 10-2 team is favored over Brownfield and Shallowater. District 2 Bushland returns 6 ALL DISTRICT from a 12-1 team and Dalhart 7 ALL DISTRICT from a AAAA DII 7-5 team. Bushland blew Dalhart out in pre-district play. District 3 Wall return 11 ALL DISTRICT players and Jim Ned returns 9. Wall has the edge. District 4 Brock returns 17 of the ALL DISTRICT list and 13 starters from a 12-3 team. Pilot Point returns 9 from the ALL DISTRICT list from a 12-2 and lost their best weapons. Boyd returns 13 on the ALL DISTRICT list from a 6-5 team. Brock is the favorite. Region I favorites: Brock, Wall, Denver City, and Jim Ned Visit Texas Hometown Football for the state-wide coverage.
  3. Regarding the poster who asked why someone didn't like Refugio's coach Jason Herring, I have an answer. He has called timeout with two seconds left and a 30-point lead to score again. He bragged about his actions to a reporter after the game. This wasn't an isolated incident. I have witnessed his players intentionally injure opponents. I have never seen him address a player on the sideline after a personal foul. His MO is intimidation and I'm afraid San Augustine will fall into his trap
  4. That doesn't have a thing to do with football. Other than the high school Celina need to catch up. How about the Carthage scoreboard? Jesus rose out of the dust.
  5. Sportsmanship has never been an attribute of Grand Saline. I remember some major problems with their parents and fans back in the 80s and 90s. I never seen parents come on to the field and "talk" to the opposing coaches the way they did after a playoff game at Carthage. I'm some of the discipline needs to start at home.
  6. SA knows all about "donkey stomp"...just ask Region IV.
  7. These were the best two teams in Region II. Region I will be hard pressed to get by Malakoff as well as Region III.
  8. If Crockett wins it will not be an upset...Troy doesn't play pass defense.
  9. Diboll seem to be of the same mold as last year’s Woodville teams…”forward pass” is an unknown language.
  10. Jefferson was a much better team this year than last. They played hard as a team and didn't have egotists as they did last year fretting about themselves. I enjoyed watching this team.
  11. Texas Hometown Football Cameron – Diboll Preview The Diboll Lumberjacks arrived at this point last season scoring 411 points allowing 128 and currently the Jacks have scored 464 points while allowing only 42. In 2018 the Cameron Yoemen scored 500 and allowed 177 and this season Yoe has scored 550 and allowed 206. Diboll’s defense has no doubt improved. The Yoemen offense is well balanced and does not miss many opportunities to put the ball into the end-zone. Diboll’s defense will need to make Yoe drive the ball and not score on big plays. In turn, Diboll’s offense will need to control the ball and not commit turnovers. It would be nice to see a fresh face in the final eight teams, but Yoe’s experience and success is without doubt a big factor.
  12. Malakoff is too strong and should win by 14+.
  13. Newton is not playing well; Troup can’t stay with them. Troup doesn’t have any big play capabilities on offense. Newton would have turn the ball over 5 or 6 times and lay down.
  14. Texas Hometown Football Rise and Fall AAA and AA in 2019 AAA Division I Rise: Whitney was not ranked in the preseason by Dave Campbell Magazine, MaxPreps or Texas Hometown Football. In the last regular season Texas Hometown Football Poll, the Wildcats were 5th and held the only blemish on defending state champion Grandview’s season. District 14 Champions Vanderbilt Industrial is the Runner-up. The Cobras were unranked and Dave Campbell Magazine project the to finish 4th in district behind three preseason ranked teams. The Comeback of the Year Award winner is Hallettsville. After several years in the top 20 the Brahmas dropped to 3-7 in 2018. Dave Campbell Magazine listed them to finish 5th in district. Currently Texas Hometown Football has them ranked 15th with a good shot at playing for the Region IV title. Fall: Atlanta collects this award. In the preseason polls the Rabbits were ranked 3rd Dave Campbell Magazine, 4th by MaxPreps and 16th by Texas Hometown Football. Atlanta finished 5-5 and out of the playoffs. Yoakum finds themselves in the runner up positions. The Bulldogs were picked 5th by Dave Campbell, 3rd by MaxPreps and 11th by Texas Hometown Football in the preseason. Yoakum finished 4-6 and in 4th place in District 14. Receiving consideration was Goliad (8th in Dave Campbell Magazine), Woodville (15th in Dave Campbell Magazine) and Tatum (19th in Dave Campbell Magazine and 20th in Texas Hometown Football). All three teams finished below .500 and did not make the playoffs. AAA Division II Rise: Palmer was not ranked in the preseason and finished the year 10-0 and ranked 7th. The Bulldogs defeated six teams with winning records and posted a point differential of 435-127. Fall: Blanco started the year ranked 16th by Dave Campbell Magazine and 13th by Texas Hometown Football. The Panthers finished 4-6 and out of the playoffs. Blanco receives the Fall Award. Tidehaven is the Runner-Up. The Tigers were ranked 10th in both the Dave Campbell Magazine and Texas Hometown Football. Tidehaven finish 5-5 in a three-way tie for second place in district. AA Division I Rise: Harleton and Bruceville-Eddy are the Rise Award corecipients. Harleton was projected to finish last in the seven team District 11. The Wildcats entered district play with three wins and a loss to AAA Sabine (9-1) only to lose to 1-3 Linden Kildare. Harleton then ran off five consecutive victories including a week 11 win over 9th ranked Joaquin. Bruceville-Eddy was not ranked in the preseason and was ranked 3rd in district by Dave Campbell Magazine. The Eagles finished 9-1 and ranked 19th. The Eagles defeated six playoff teams and lost only to AAA Rogers. The Comeback award goes to Post. The Antelopes were not ranked in the preseason and were coming off a 4-7 year. Post quickly returned to the top 20 and finished the year 10-0 and ranked 7th in the state. The Antelopes gave Abernathy and New Deal their only defeats of the year. Fall: Neighbors Garrison and Tenaha share the Fall Award. Garrison was ranked 8th by Dave Campbell Magazine and 3rd by Texas Hometown Football while Tenaha was ranked 5th by Dave Campbell and 15th by Hometown. Both finished 5 and 5 and Garrison was 4th in district and Tenaha was 5th. AA Division II Rise: District 14 receives both ends of the stick. Flatonia was projected as the 3rd place team in district play behind Burton and Snook. The Bulldogs finished 9-1 and ranked 14th in Hometown Poll. Fall: Burton was ranked 8th by Dave Campbell and 7th by Hometown in the preseason polls. The Panthers finished 6-4 and lost by an average 40 points to every team they played who had a winning record.
  15. Copied from Texas Hometown Football In AA Division I District 12 San Augustine at Shelbyville seemed to be a big date until last week. In AA Division II District 7 number 4 Albany plays number 5 Hamlin and should be a fight to the finish. In District 8 Number 11 Christoval plays number 20 Eldarado for District 8. In AAA Division II District 16 number 17 Odem and number 16 CC London will play for the District Championship. In AAA Division I District 10, Yoe plays at Lago Vista. Yoe must win to be runner-up, otherwise is will be a three-way tie for second place. In district 3 Eastland plays at Jim Ned, Eastland must win to be runner-up, otherwise is will be a three-way tie for second place. In District 7 Atlanta goes to Hooks, if Hooks wins, they will be the Champs. If Atlanta wins it should be a five-way tie and get out the calculator. San Augustine over Shelbyville by 20+ Albany at Hamlin is even Christoval over Eldarado by 6 Yoe over Lago Vista by 14 Atlanta over Hooks by 14
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