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  1. Thigh has 3 on the oline, QB and wr coming back..defense returns 7
  2. Pine Tree, Marshall and Texas High all make for a run at DC..don’t really know why you say they struggled in 17 tbh. Beat everyone on the schedule handily in district with their backup.. Qb got hurt in the first quarter in the first district game in 17 against Marshall or more than likely that game is a toss-up at grim but who knows ...the final was 35-27..? they finished winning the last 6 games on the schedule and then they got beat by HP in the last 2 min of the game 56-49 at the star..first round of course lol. finished 7-4 (first year head coach)... 18 was rough to say the least. This year I think thigh played well. 7-5 (3 of the 5 were without QB who I think will be back) believe that win against lufkin says a lot about the players and coaching staff. Two 7 win seasons in your first three years is a great start. thigh went 10-1 in 16 the year before he got there.. I do know they Return 8 on this years defense. Only lost one guy upfront Dont think thigh should be picked to win anything yet but they did beat Kilgore I think without their qb (30-14). Kilgore beat 4 teams from this district if it was to play out like that.
  3. that’s no talking bout the players on defense...and no one was playing both wats btw
  4. 3 of those guys on the oline for Kilgore all started in the 09 National championship for UT RB went to Utah 1 Wr to Sam Houston another to Baylor...
  5. speak for Jax alone lol. Marshall made a good run 2 years ago. Sulphur won it in 08 Ennis in 14
  6. ths could make some noise next year...return quite a few from this years team
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