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  1. She is absolutely right. And i guarantee that not a single gun hater she was talking to will change their mind.
  2. the middle east is a CESSPOOL. those people have been fighting each other for centuries. IMO.......let them keep fighting each other. No matter how much money or military is sent there, they will still keep fighting each other because they all want their certain view of the mooslim religion done their way. now that we can produce our own oil, i say screw them and let them kill each other.
  3. Ever since that whole flap with Curt Schilling and that Jamelle lady (can't think of her last name) ESPN has done a decent job of steering away from politics and keeping their focus on the sports. I didn't care for it when they tried to allow their talking heads to bring politics into their programming. IMO, just tell me what happened in the games. That's all I want from them. The one guy that it really bothers me that declined to comment on the Hong Kong situation was Steve Kerr. He's always talked about political #### in his interviews, but apparently he didn't have the cajone
  4. This coming from someone who pulled the lever for the worst candidate in political history. Still sucking on those sour grapes of defeat.
  5. And Captain Pant Suits is inserting herself into this realm once again. She's going around giving speeches and drawing crowds as if she's running again. She's your basic poop that won't flush.
  6. I see that reading comprehension escapes you. I said name calling OR insults. You chose the latter unlike your more radical comrades do and choose both. And since you don't deny being a sycophant/lemming, then what I stated earlier about you is true.
  7. That's all you have? You don't refute a single thing I say and instead go with elementary playground insults about intelligence? Way to let yourself go and really stick it to me! Typical liberal though. When you can't argue points or you have no solid rebuttal, you resort to name calling or insults.
  8. add crude and vulgar things to the list of items that democrats will raise money off of. right next to tragedies.
  9. you're a sycophant. you believe anything and everything the lame stream media feeds you and then you regurgitate their talking points. i believe that "lemming" can be interchangeable with sycophant.
  10. you mean the guy who prosecuted john gotti? he's a mess? at least he still has his law license unlike a certain former democrat president.
  11. Don't let your heads explode just yet, read on.............. I really hope they try to impeach Trump. I really do. Because at that point, we can all be privy to ALLLLLLL this evidence that the liberals have been so secretive about that they have on Trump. From their secret stash of collusion stuff all the way up to this Ukraine deal. They say they have this piece of evidence and that piece of evidence (pencil-neck Schiff) and yet they haven't produced a single shred of it for the people to see. And, who knows, once they finally produce what they have, it will most likely co
  12. Ford did when he went there. they said it was a struggle just to get one car on stand-by in the case of an emergency. so yes, someone was asked and gave permission.
  13. So, where is the evidence? Biden came right out and admitted his dirty deed.
  14. And somebody on the island had to have given permission. So why aren't you howling at whoever gave permission for the motorcade?
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