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  1. Both teams coming off of pretty heavy losses. I'm thinking Sville gets the W here.
  2. I believe that it has been made official that Wallace is now the holder of the AD title. Interested to see who he chooses as his OC/DC for next year.
  3. I guess there's nothing else to do but wait and see how things unfold. I wish the administration would just stick with a guy long enough for him to really build a program. A team will never be successful without a program bred into its athletes.
  4. From what I hear Wallace got the job. Don't know too much about him but I have been wondering why the coaches from Carthage, Allen, Waskom, etc that apparently applied didn't even get an interview.....
  5. Well... that was interesting to say the least. I went to watch a football game and stayed for a track meet. Both teams played their absolute hearts out, and ultimately, whoever had the ball last was going to win the game. It was an insane scoring competition. I'm sure nobody expected this game to go that way. Good luck to Beckville in the advancing rounds, and thanks for a great game.
  6. As I look more and more into Beckville the more I realize that this is going to be a really really really good game. Safe travels for everyone making the drive tonight.
  7. This Thursday, the Shelbyville Dragons will meet up with the Beckville Bearcats at Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium in Tyler to kick off the first week of playoffs. This is Shelbyville's third straight year making it to the playoffs (first time in school history), but the Dragons have been one and done the past two seasons. Will the Dragons lock in and advance to the second round for the first time since the Ferguson era? Or will the Bearcats redeem themselves from the preseason loss to the Dragons last year? Who ya got?
  8. Pretty sure SA will not be making an appearance in the playoffs this year.
  9. PROUD OF MY DRAGONS FOR FINALLY PUTTING 4 QUARTERS OF FOOTBALL TOGETHER!!!! Pulled the dub off even with the long list of injuries. Feel bad for the Barnes boys & co., I'm sure that's not how they wanted their last year to go.
  10. Man. My prediction could not have been anymore wrong. Timpson has announced itself as the real deal this year. Congrats Bears! They will be scary these next couple of years I feel like.
  11. Hasn't really been any epic threads for 2a this year... pretty sad... we're all getting soft i guess?
  12. poor kids... what is the problem over there? lack of talent, coaching, or participation?
  13. I could see it too. It's hard to beat Lawson twice, we found that out last year.
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