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  1. I believe SA is just starting off slow. This wouldn’t be the first time this season
  2. Well I guess you had to do something while there was no Tenaha playoff thread. But I see what yall were doing getting ready for the roundball season
  3. I cant let this oppurtunity slip by to comment in the World Famous Alto vs Joaquin Forum. I got the Jackets by 2 TDs
  4. Many things have went wrong to Shelbyville's offense starting with the loss of their QB. On the other hand Joaquin has made many beneficial improvements since they played Shelbyville week 3
  5. Why don't we just skip ahead to round 5 where SA gets beat by Refugio or Shiner and go on to basketball season where Shelbyville will win again
  6. I feel like when Alto meets up with Shelbyville in the 3rd round it will not be a cake walk. They could possibly upset the Jackets.
  7. Shelbyville is serving fish this year and it is easily some of the best in East Texas. They also have grilled chicken sandwiches and sausage on a stick that are phenomenal.
  8. I believe this will will be the bounce back game for Garrison. I got them by 14.
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