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  1. What's even funnier than that is...Trump is president and Hillary is NOT!
  2. The leftist quack scientists have to say stupid stuff to distract from their many climate change predictions that never happened.
  3. I said in my first post that each officer should have another officer riding along. Why would he need another officer if one was already riding as his partner?
  4. What I'm saying is that liberals think it's bad for someone to call them names but they are perfectly okay with liberals calling country people names.
  5. No man, I said patrols should have 2 officers to a car...I didn't say wait for backup. Read carefully next time.
  6. Now we see the real face of the Democrat Party. They are totally anti- America. The small crowd is full of communists, gay activists, black muslims, jihadist sympathizers, Antifa garbage etc.
  7. The info posted by "Barry" is patently false propaganda from liberal Yahoo. His sources are always either Yahoo , ABC, or NBC. Liberals don't wanna admit that Trump's economy is great while Obama's was dismal.
  8. Yuh, stick our heads in the sand while the terrorists murder more innocents and work on their nuclear missiles yuh makes a lotta sense there NatureBoy
  9. Pelosi didn't demand that Obama get approval before the Osalami Bin Laden strike so ###? Double standard much ??
  10. Watch out for liberal trolls on here who will avoid the question of Why didn't Barack Al Akbar Hussein Obama take care of the Iran problem during his illegitimate presidency ???? No he kicked the can down the road to rightfully elected Trump.
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