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  1. What are they doing ? Are they shoving the baby back in there. ?
  2. Don't feel special. RetiredFan calls me a commie on a regular basis.
  3. I have the Men in Black move and theme son in my mind when I see that picture.
  4. I want another choice. Someone who isn't bat guano crazy. Maybe somebody like Crenshaw, or somebody else who I haven' heard about yet. No conspiracy theorist allowed. Need somebody to deal with facts.
  5. I voted for him over Trump, and I would do it again. Like I said before he screwed this up bigly.
  6. Trump signed the withdrawl deal with the Taliban in late February. You have to be a complete idiot to stay in Afghanistan as an American civilian. Biden said he warned them 19 times. They may die because they are to greedy ( war profiteers) or just plain stupid.
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