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  1. Anybody who has been in the military knows the military waste a ton of money. Every year the military says we don't need more tanks and vehicles. So the govt. says no here is ore tanks and vehicles. Like Kirk said. Military spending needs to be streamlined and run more efficiently.
  2. I saw that on Twitter, but #TurnTexasBlue was trending at the same time. So take both at what it is worth.
  3. You might want to change your location from West Hardin High School to on the porch rocking chair, with a shotgun on your lap. Have you took up retirement gardening yet ?
  4. I would vote Crenshaw over the two running for president right now.
  5. That ends on July 4th. What was the last weeks numbers. It has been over a 1,000 most days.
  6. I hated mask until I found my mask that caters to me. A horse feed bag.
  7. If your mask was a horse feed bag, I bet you will gladly wear it.
  8. Back on topic: Schools decision on eligibility of students doing on-line learning. 1. If kid is not a starter = not eligible. 2. If kid is an All-District type of player = eligible.
  9. I have to go to work now for a 12 hour shift. See people ! We can debate without name calling, and those doing those poo emojis.
  10. I would have said Virus - This is a brand new virus we know little about. These times will be tough. We will get through this together. Riots - Say something that brings people together. I would never say I would send the military after the American people.
  11. I agree if Trump dropped his Twitter he would have a better chance. He tweets himself into controversy when he doesn't have too. That causes him to loose supporters. Just telling the truth would have been sufficient. The American people could have handled it. These were the people who are just not political in nature, and looked for leadership. That is why Trump's approval rating shot upward at the beginning. Instead they got a bunch of lies that everything was ok. Remember Obama's line of " If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under his plan . " Ya'll posted it about thousands of time. Trump's line was on Feburary 26 with him saying ; " There is about 15 cases now, but there will be zero in a week. " That didn't turn out well. The mixed messaging coming out of the White House makes Trump look incompetent. You can't have your press secretary say Trump is the best informed president ever, but Trump always says he was not briefed.
  12. I see a flock of people who voted Trump in 2016 switching to Biden in 2020. Biden is not as hated as Hillary was. The dementia stuff is not sticking to him like you would believe. It is not changing voters mind. I see a new tactic as some Republican leaders are saying Bernie Sanders control the Democratic Party. Like I said, if Trump would have handled the virus and riots better he walks into a 2nd term.
  13. We can blame Trump for his response. Keep calling it mythical systematic racism, and see your party lose what ever gains you had with your minority.
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