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  1. I was was there Summer of 95. Stayed mostly in USMTM compound. I was at Riyadh AB chow hall waiting for the general to come out of meeting . When one of the worker was trying to ask me what was the range of my radio was. I was real vague, and he got mad. I told my NCO in charge about it. He reported it. A couple hours later I went with the Saudi military to a building. They took me to a room where the worker was at, and asked me if this was the guy. His face was swollen from the integration I couldn't tell. So they showed me a picture of him before the interrogation. I replied yes,
  2. We all donate to both parties without our consent. ( taxes )
  3. From school's Facebook page. Due to helping control the spread of confirmed COVID-19 cases and the number of quarantined athletes, JV and Varsity Volleyball along with Varsity Football will be suspended for two weeks. The district schedules allow for this flexibility and have open dates at the end of schedules in which these games will be made-up. Again, there will not be football or volleyball tomorrow night, 9/25. The plan is to continue seasons as planned for JH Football, JV Football and JH Volleyball at this time (if opponents can play). Today, one of our quarantined HS student
  4. 90 days In the mid 90s. Riyadh ( USMTM ) . Ended up on General Franks convoy duty. So I went to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and the country of Baharain. I got luck there. 5 star food facilities there.
  5. I'm talking about my dislike of Saudi Arabia in general.
  6. Multiple choice here. The work place mask rule is because A. Covid-19 B. Flatulence C. Both A & B
  7. No it didn't, I know who the Mutawa is. The religious police. You reminded me if my hatred of the Saudi govt.
  8. I have a personal dislike for Saudi Arabia. ISIS and Al Queda would not have existed if it was not for Saudi Arabian support. They are generally Sunni . They are the more radical ones.
  9. I can see that. Countries with Govt. health care can make laws like mask wearing to lower cost of health care due to less virus spread. Even before Covid.
  10. Never say never ! If I'm wearing one that means I have committed a serious crime or my wife is out to kill me, and then I'm hiding.
  11. Their air is garbage before, during, and after Covid.
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