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  1. Did anybody see President Trump pardon the turkey yesterday at the White House ? Trump only pardoned the white meat . ( LOL JK. )
  2. She went too crazy. Too crazy for Trump administration.
  3. I wish I was. When I first arrived at the hospital. You had privacy as far as you can't see them, but they were just portable makeshift screens. I'm guessing they did that so they can make more room for an influx of patients during a pandemic, You can hear them struggling to breath. I'm assumming they are not on respirators like me. When I got control of my breathing , I was moved to a lower risk treatment until released. The virus is no joke.
  4. I could hear multiple people gasping for air due to Covid when I was in the hospital. I will never forget that.
  5. I don't eat at McDonalds because it is just nasty. I do remember a few years ago there was a slippage in sales at McDonalds. The problem was they were spending to much money opening stores. While existing stores were not updated, and deuterated as a result.
  6. I think my wife and myself are over it. The virus goes away as you fast as it takes you down that dark rabbit hole. Now we are waiting for that 10 day symptom free quarantine . Kids can go back to school after Thanksgiving.
  7. Just looked at McDonalds stock price for 1-year. 194 dollars a year ago, and closed today at 214 dollars a share. I hope that solves your argument . Kind of stagnant to me.
  8. I did. I hope the GOP puts candidate like Senator Crenshaw or Nikki Haley as their nominee in 2024.
  9. Thanks for the prayers everybody. My wife is feeling better today. The fever is almost gone. She and myself still feeling fatigue from it all. Doctors say that is normal. Now we have to wait 10 days symptom free before we can go back to work. Hospital said you don't test negative for Covid-19 until 60-90 days after you had it. The antibodies. will be to strong, and will give out a positive test until then. I think my 11 yea old girl was pretty much symptom free . She may have lost her appetite due to stress . She is eating fine now since I got out. My 9 year old boy never tes
  10. I just got out of the hospital this morning after a few days in. My wife woke up during the night, and said I was having trouble breathing. First of all, god bless the medical workers at the hospital who are working massive hours, and overwhelmed right now during this pandemic. I was not put on a respirator, just received oxygen treatment. I guess I'm going to hit my deductible this year on my health insurance. Right now I'm just suffering from fatigue from everything. Doctor said I may have a 2nd wave of symptoms before it goes away. So right now I'm on Day 1 of 10 of quarantine.
  11. One of my co-worker was very high risk, and got it. He had diabetes , high blood pressure, and obesity. He had little symptoms . His 20 year old son who was a college student got sick, and it lasted for a month. He also got 50,000 doctor bill.
  12. I have antibiotic and steroids pill pack. I chose not use experimental drugs unless I go onto a respirator. I have to do breathing and few other exercises regardless if I want to do it or not. This virus makes me want to lay down and sleep like Rip Van Winkle . Telling my kid she can't go out and play with friends, and not going to the gym with us is tough.
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