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  1. What are they doing ? Are they shoving the baby back in there. ?
  2. Don't feel special. RetiredFan calls me a commie on a regular basis.
  3. I have the Men in Black move and theme son in my mind when I see that picture.
  4. I want another choice. Someone who isn't bat guano crazy. Maybe somebody like Crenshaw, or somebody else who I haven' heard about yet. No conspiracy theorist allowed. Need somebody to deal with facts.
  5. I voted for him over Trump, and I would do it again. Like I said before he screwed this up bigly.
  6. Trump signed the withdrawl deal with the Taliban in late February. You have to be a complete idiot to stay in Afghanistan as an American civilian. Biden said he warned them 19 times. They may die because they are to greedy ( war profiteers) or just plain stupid.
  7. You have Bide Derangement Syndrome in a bad way. The deaths in Afghanistan are on themselves. They have been told to leave dozens of times by two different Presidents. They chose too stay anyway. Now it may cost them their lives.
  8. There will be no peace in Afghanistan. They will be a civil war by Christmas. Too many people wants to rule. That is why Taliban didn't attack the airport as the Americans left. They wanted their army intact as possible. They know the war is coming. They are already losing control.
  9. If there is video proof, then you better keep it to yourself.
  10. So Gov. Abbott is abolishing rape in Texas ? SO does that mean no college football ? LOL
  11. If you see Jeff Dunham around the White House , then President Biden has passed . They would never announce his death. You would just see this.
  12. 'There Are No American Hostages, Just People Being Detained Against Their Will Until Their Captors' Demands Are Met' So the Taliban are now debt collectors.
  13. That was why Sen Graham and Senator McCain were good friends. That was there common bond.
  14. How many times do the Americans in Afghanistan have to be told to get out the last 18 months before they actually leave ?
  15. When something is banned in Texas or United States. Mexican Cartels rush to set up supply. Mexico’s Supreme Court Votes to Decriminalize Abortion - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
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