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  1. Picking the Tigers. Pottsboro you punt once or twice, it's over. Mally 42-21
  2. I wouldn't exactly call HS a cupcake, you guys just beat them like one
  3. Good game G-Water. Now that the cupcakes are outta the way, I'm hoping we get to see the clash between you guys and Malakoff. I know I'm a week ahead but I'm hoping for that matchup in a couple weeks
  4. That kid is so accurate and makes the right read it seems everytime
  5. We've been trying to figure that out ourselves in Jefferson. This is the most talent Jefferson has had in a 4-5 yr span since the early to mid 90's squads. We could understand losing to Mally but I'm still blown away with losses to Howe and Whitesboro.
  6. Excellent post Tiger. Tonight "Power" outlasted "Speed"
  7. Neither defense decided to show up tonight. Jefferson total yards.....584 309 rushing 275 passing Malakoff total yards......546 404 rushing 142 passing Both defenses should be ashamed lol
  8. Tiger I'm just blown away by that 3 headed monster yall call running backs. Geez!
  9. We know you here Tiger. You know exactly who we are talking about lol
  10. Now I want to see another team play Malakoff the way we did. Malakoff yall have an awesome team and nothing love the rest of the way
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