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  1. Not entirely from my understanding. Too many injuries. TBH game was close til kickoff. I get it EF needs the playing time. But beating the brakes off a team full of injured kids doesn’t help IMO.
  2. We don’t have a JV. And yes Varsity is canceled.
  3. Still out probably won’t make it back. And just was told game is canceled this week.
  4. Hey @TTman7 how did that meet up go last year with those 2 WO faithfuls go after the WO game?
  5. From my understanding they signed a HC today. If I get a name will let ya know.
  6. No. Knocked out of contention. They were wanting 3-5 years coaching experience. Not sure how long he’s been coaching but his energy was good And kids liked him for it.
  7. After interviews last week. I was told 2 names were sent to Superintendent. Not sure of names lol. But heard one was not a HC now but did have family coaching at college level.
  8. Had it this year. They played mainly JV teams from what I was told.
  9. Supposed to have been interviews this week.
  10. That would be great!! However he is one of the ones leaving as well! From what I was told.
  11. My understanding or what’s coming from the kool aid. And don’t quote me LOL. That all of them want to move on except AD and one other boys coach.
  12. Against Benton? Won 6-1 Friday Lost 11-10 Saturday
  13. Prayers from New Diana! I just saw these girls play against mine. What a tragedy. They played with a lot of heart!
  14. Y’all done got her stirred up!! They better be glad @NATUREBOY98 is in isolation!!
  15. For those going to this matchup there is a outstanding fish place in Paris. Called the Fish Fry. Not far from the stadium.
  16. Probably only take them one time to kick the ball to KeKe. And they will be trying to figure out what just happened ! Lol
  17. We do have a decent swim team. Ours swim in pools. I’m sure DF swim team gets plenty of practice at those lake parties!
  18. Not positive but I’m sure he was bumping his gums on NB’s thread where he apologized to Nelson!!
  19. Could use one or two of those after reading Pax’s Blog he posted. It’s sure is informative. Y’all keep me posted tonight fellas!!
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