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  1. Well congratulations to Carlisle, but this is a Absolute victory in my book for Alto!!! Never would have thought we could play such a close game after the last 2 weeks. Proud of the kids and Coaches for stepping up their game!
  2. It’s absolutely ridiculous in this day and time, that I can’t listen to or watch this game!!!! This is B.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow, we stepped up and came to play, proud of the boys and the coaches
  4. Enjoy the game, but we appreciate the updates
  5. Thank you! We may get beat, but would like to know how it goes!
  6. Score? I can’t go to Carlisle because I cannot get a ticket, this COVID is bull #%%#!!!!!
  7. I agree, and will have my Jackets back until the end! I’m also a realist, and having seen the scrimmage and both games, we aren’t ready for a team like Carlisle yet.
  8. Exactly my thoughts, the boys just need to stay the course and keep working hard! It’s a long season, and getting better is all we can hope for at this point. I hate picking against Alto anytime, but Carlisle is going to be to much for us this week. Carlisle will pull away late in the second quarter, and won’t look back. 55-14
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