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  1. Bet no one knew the sophomore was in gilmer spring 7th or 8th grade year I can’t remember
  2. You can’t compare tennison to hormon. He has 3 years on tennison and tennison only started against wc and pg. and very little during the season. Good job hormon. And good job tennison I think.
  3. Quick question, how you feel tennison could do much better. 3 int I get thst but how many passes dropped that where perfect? Not to mention all the rushing yards a 50 yard rushing td called back. I’m just wondering what do people come to the game to see. Btw good game pg. now go win state!
  4. I apologize, I don’t mean to down size anyone or any kid at all. The kid is good no doubt. Guess you have to excuse me cause gilmer has had good athletes for years and year not just the past few. We have had some in my opinion better than some pg worship that I thought wasn’t really all that good just apart of a good program that Enhanced their actual talent. Pg has a good program going right now just as gilmer and Carthage and all 3 of those teams it’s any given Friday.
  5. No pun intended but hey you take that how you want. Not real sure how you feel it’s qb friendly guess you won’t see thst til he is gone tho.
  6. Ok you and I can talk you seem level headed. Would you agree that no matter how good of arm you hv in that wingt offense if you can’t read your keys you can get some guys hit in the mouth?
  7. That’s not true. If pg beats gilmer I want and know they will win state. Pg fans just seem to think they are the golden caboose cause they got a couple good players. Good teams do get beat also.
  8. Pretty sure Carthage beat pg worse than they did gilmer since there is the need for game comparison
  9. The rest of the offensive guys you named off are average without him. The offense pg run only works with a good qb.
  10. But your point is mute cause I’m not saying Harmon is not good. I telling you without him others on that team suffer.
  11. Let’s not for pg should hv slaughtered Sunnyvale but didn’t. They barely got by Pittsburgh
  12. Let’s not forget hermon is a senior hurt is a jr and tennison is a sophomore. And tennison is not the main qb hurt is. And you can’t compare work ethics when you don’t know the other guys. But make no mistake hermon is good and you’ll see next year when he is gone just how good your other guys are without him.
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