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  1. Garrison safety. Pitched the ball and it wasn’t fielded. Garrison recovered in the end zone. Oddly reminiscent of the missed pitch in that 2018 playoff game that ended the drive that probably would’ve put the nail in the coffin and allowed SA to come back. 20-8
  2. This Garrison team really has the makings of one of those 4 seeds that puts it together at the end of the season and makes it into the 3rd round of the playoffs or further.
  3. 19-6 bulldogs. Point after pending. Young kids came to play today.
  4. 5 is a great athlete for sure. I think he’s been messing up quite a few of the plays per game, though. Just from watching the games. I’m not close with this coaching staff, so that’s just a guess. Just some of the plays seem disconnected when he runs them, like he was supposed to do something different than what he did, and it kills the play or the drive. I guess the question is do you live with that for the A+ athleticism or do you give the kid a shot and let him get some experience. I wouldn’t say either are wrong calls, but I’d like to see the dogs in the playoffs, but setting up for
  5. Rough game for the dogs yesterday. Started a true freshman at quarterback. He showed flashes of his potential, he just looked like a freshman making his first start at quarterback on varsity, and you can’t fault the kid, he played his heart out. He’ll be really good in the future. I like our offensive line a lot, an improvement over the injury riddled line we had in the back half of last year, and they’re young with room to improve, besides the Hancock kid, who will be hard to replace. They make mistakes sometimes, but overall they move people out of the way, which is always good
  6. Yep, Timpson won a barn burner last year where I think both teams had more penalty yards than actual yards. I remember at least 5 long plays called back on both sides.
  7. I’m not going to respond to that comment about the direct snap because this is not the place to have an argument, and I have no desire to argue with you about it anyway. My comment was just addressing his comment about wishing Garrison would’ve run more power schemes with Porter, because fundamentally they’re running the same plays. Difference is Alvarez just includes more of the eye candy stuff that’s more typical with the traditional wing t offenses, which I’m guessing you prefer, and not the adapted wing t that was run by the previous staff. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I qui
  8. They’re running the same run plays. Power, counter, buck, scat. All wing-t stuff, same as the previous coaching staff. Alvarez does the hand offs different, and has some different formations, but it’s the same plays and blocking schemes as the way dad and them ran it. I do like the formations that Brandon lines up in, though. Kirt is right, too. Lots of promise in the JV and middle school. Things are looking up for Garrison football. Gonna take the dogs in a close one, they’ve improved every week it seems
  9. Haven’t seen Carlisle this year, but that Timpson qb is legit. Partly it was the quality of the stream, but in some of those scrambles the screen would pause for split second and when it came back he’d be 30 yards down the field. Almost like he was teleporting. Throws a pretty ball, too.
  10. Until proven otherwise, I’m gonna say SA is the team to beat. Even though they graduated like 22 kids or something like that. Garrison and Joaquin fighting for 2&3 Shelbyville and Timpson fighting for the last spot. Any of the top 3 in this district theoretically could win the region. learning curve for garrison kids is going to be non existent in the run game. Same general concept, and Alvarez runs wing t stuff out of the gun, too. Passing game will be different, but similar deal as the past couple of years, they want to establish the run and be physical, so there will be
  11. If he’s the guy, that’s a pretty good hire imo. Young guy that might stick around for a bit. If he chooses to run a more traditional wing t like Ennis did with his dad, the transition in the offense will be fairly easy for the kids in the running game because all it entails basically is going under center rather than running a variation of the Wing T from the gun. Still gonna see a lot of power, counter, buck sweep, and more power, just from under center. Works with the kids they’ve got coming up in the ranks too, and makes it not too hard on the varsity squad this year, so as to n
  12. It was awful. I’m not sure if punishment like that is allowed or not, I just know the coaches weren’t happy about it though.
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