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  1. April 20, 2006 Just don’t post much
  2. Crandall - 14 Kilgore - 0 last I heard and that was in the third
  3. 7th grade... QC 12 ND 6 8th grade... QC 38 ND 0 JV... QC 14 ND 12
  4. Isn’t the former QC OC going to be the middle school coordinator in Atlanta. That is what I heard.
  5. I actually coached there for 15 years and was head baseball there from 2005-2016
  6. I know a little about them. I coached their 12 years during that time. But regardless they were always good games. Joey Hector is a hell of a coach
  7. I seriously doubt it. The hottest Crandall series with SH was ‘15. They played in Plano. All three games were one run games. They played in ‘13 in Canton (1 gamer). They played one year at Brookhill and one year in Grand Saline also
  8. Pretty sure they were not using putting IVs in kids on the bus. Yes it was hot! Crandall played SH many times in the playoffs.
  9. Carrollton Ranchview went winless in District 10-4A and they are also in the playoffs. I believe they have only won one game all season. Ridiculous!
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