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  1. Both defenses played really well last night. Turnovers especially when opponent scores on them are a killer. Mp had chances to pull this one out but Whitehouse D made it tough.
  2. MP and Whitehouse played a few times in the 80's and seemed like we split some games when I was in school.
  3. Sure glad to finally get to see MP playing this season. Hoping for a Tiger win. Good luck and safe travels to all. GO TIGERS!
  4. I was planning to attend that game. Way to cold for me not having a cat in that fight. I drove through the parking lot and about froze just watching everyone shiver! And yes the wind chill was in the low single digits best I remember.
  5. 1995 Playoff game in Mesquite between MP and SS. WInd was howling and SS side was in the shade so they had to be colder!
  6. That is about right at the beginning of the season. Couple games back I thought I counted 27 suited up.
  7. Last year this was a shootout. MP has a better defense this year against the run and hopefully learned a lot against the pass last week. Not sure MP offense can score as well as last year though at this point. Really hoping for a good game though. Pine Tree will be a huge challenge for the Tigers for sure. Good luck to both teams and PT Pirates travel safely to MP! GO TIGERS!!!
  8. Not sure the numbers will get better without winning first. I like what our coach is doing on both sides of the ball. Like Mavchamp said we just play so many both ways we run out of gas early.
  9. MP is very young this year. We are gaining experience with every game and that will help in the future for sure. MP run defense has looked pretty good so far this year except when Paris wore them down in the second half. Pass defense is a work in progress as is the O-line. I hope for improvement as the season goes along. I think we have something like 3 SR's starting.
  10. We played in 1986, 87, 88, 89 with the Whouse winning the first 2 and MP winning the last two.
  11. It seems both teams are improved from last year. Paris is always fast and word I have heard they are loaded with lots of it again this year. MP has some speed as well. Paris has switched to a run based offense that can eat the clock and limit possessions keeping their defense (which is already fast) fresher. Depth numbers will play against MP this week as it does most every game. If MP can keep the offense going then this might be a good game if not it will be ugly in a hurry. Not being negative about my Tigers just we have not faced an opponent with this kind of talent yet this year.
  12. I hope we clean up the false starts and off sides penalties! I have never seen a team have as many as we did last week. If not for those we would have scored many more points and given up far fewer in my opinion. I bet the staff gets that corrected this week. Good luck to everyone and travel safely! GO TIGERS!!!
  13. I think I will be making the trip to Wylie East tomorrow evening. I really do not know much about either team this year. Last year MP bested Wylie East 56-42. Was a good game. I sure hope for another good game.
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