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  1. PG for the win. Prediction PG 38 SH 14. I don't see SH hanging with PG's defense long.
  2. Going with Hooks. This will be a fun game.
  3. What's Pitt's record? I haven't heard much about them this year.. Do they compare to last year's team?
  4. I agree. I love both bands playing and pumping up their teams. However, I'm confused on props and the new style of their show. But I do enjoy them. Bands need to keep playing during games.
  5. Has anyone seen them play? Would the two kids that are ineligible, make a difference on them winning or losing? What position do they play?
  6. I'm guessing they are going to fight it. I can't see them just letting this ride. I would like to know the repercussions too. One things for sure. They wouldn't overturn it unless they had some solid/strong evidence.
  7. Right that was an early game.. They are getting better each week.. They don't need to be dismissed.. That's one of the reasons I think everyone was so shocked they won last year. You can't underestimate them at all.
  8. If the kids by chance get reinstated. What do you think they would rule on the photagrapher/coach?
  9. I think Carthage has D-I... Argyle struggles on defense & they are young. So, I don't see them winning it.. Don't sleep on La Vega they will probably be the team to creep up on Carthage ( they are solid both ways). I still have Carthage as my top team coming out D-1.
  10. Gotcha.. So, I'm wondering what did they discover or what information did they receive to overturn it?
  11. That's crazy. You would think ruling them eligible would only happen once. So, how many times can a team or person make a complaint?
  12. I'm playing catch up. Why are they just now ruling them ineligible? They played up until this week right?
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