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  1. Not allowed to run for a school board seat? By who, the board itself? That is pure insanity that you would even suggest that. I can’t imagine the lawsuits that would ensue if someone tried to stop someone else from running for a public office. That might work in Venezuela. Maybe you should move to Venezuela. I kid, I kid. Take care and stay warm and safe.
  2. You obviously haven’t heard the way some of the coaches, one in particular, talks to the kids. There is coaching then there is flat verbal abuse and disrespect. If you’re tied in like it sounds you know who it is. That behavior is indefensible.
  3. “who violates the basic principle in life and that is being decent.” Wish a few of the admin and coaches thought the same way. On second thought I think Blue Ridge should hire them all. Problem solved!
  4. I have no knowledge of what you’re talking about regarding the altercation you are referencing. I just know there is a lot of people that do not like the way the sports programs are run. More importantly the exorbitant amount of money being spent on infrastructure for sports. Desired change has much more to do than just sports. It will be resolved the most equitable way our society has and that is through the election process. If the board turns over in the next few years I suspect you will see changes starting with the superintendent. It will only happen through the removal of incompet
  5. You just epitomized the administration and staff in Melissa with your response. Self serving people with little regard for the kids. The only QB I know about is the one that didn’t live in Melissa for the first half of the season but still played. Out of all other shady transfers that is the straw that broke the camel’s back for many people. The staff is just a reflection of the Superintendent and the AD.
  6. Melissa lost their best returning player for 2021 because of that coaching staff. Although they will spin it differently I’m sure. I would avoid like the plague anyone off that staff in my opinion. Success there has come at feasting on inferior non-district teams and being in a terrible district save Argyle every year and Paris some years. Can’t get past 3rd round after getting to play weak district 6 & 8 opponents. I wound imagine you will see quite a bit of turnover this year and probably a entire staff change in 2022. Townsfolk don’t like the ways things are done in Melissa. Sch
  7. I know Paris would have beat Anna and probably beat Melissa. Should have been ruled no contest. I know at least one school that had a positive case but conveniently suppressed that info so they could play. It penalizes the teams that do the right thing and report positive cases. Even though a splinter in a teenager’s finger is more deadly then the Chinese flu for them at least most schools are being honest.
  8. I don’t know their names just numbers but I think Youngblood #1? Why wouldn’t he play?
  9. I’v been waiting for this one all year. This will be the last game that either team will be tested in district then it will smooth sailing for both until round two or three maybe even until they meet again. As a Melissa resident but no more kids in school now, they are the team I followed closely since the start of this season. Now that 5-6A are back on the field I’ll be watching my nephew for the remaining weeks. That being said I’v been to all the games of Melissa so I’ll try to break down what i have seen. Hopefully RegalEagle could do the same for Argyle for this of that don’t kn
  10. Gunter is only 20-30 miles away from Melissa.
  11. Melissa has a 5a school on their schedule for week 2 so they may be looking. Easy trip for either.
  12. Whats going to happen when some kid on a team catches the Chinese Flu? That will happen. Will they shut down just that team? Any team that they played? The whole district? The whole state? There needs to be parameters in place to determine what will be protocol when that happens because it will happen. Having scared of their shadow administrators and politicians making knee jerk decisions clearly is not working. At this point they need to say play ball regardless of what may happen or pull the plug completely by June 1st. Shutting down a season after 3 games would be more de
  13. Really surprised that LV dominated Argyle like they did. If not for some of dumbest clock management in the history of football by the Melissa coaches at the end of the LV vs Melissa game LV might not have even advanced. Melissa had a chance eliminate LV while they were down with players having the flu and spotting Melissa a 20 pt lead. That didn’t happen and it looks like LV is a team of destiny.
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