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  1. What's science? Haven't heard anything good about it in the last 4 years...
  2. Looks like a normal Trump supporter to me, just not one from Texas, you must not travel much.
  3. I have a feeling that it's not who we think are going to be arrested here... RIP the US, lasted a long time.
  4. True question is will they be supported by the military... if so, good bye US.
  5. I guess the trump supporters are busy in DC today and can't respond to this thread.
  6. If Texas seceded, the freedoms in which the people held would likely be extremely limited.
  7. Caddo Mills vs Carthage will be interesting
  8. I do believe the dawgs will win, but I'd like to see them get upset.
  9. I'll go with the foxes, makes a good story.
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