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  1. Pot calling the kettle black on running score up. Gilmer hung 73 on Atlanta early in the year for a 47 pt margin and beat North Lamar 54 to 0. Our margin was 56 so not much difference. I also don't see how going for it on 4th down and giving defense a chance for a stop at the end of the game vs kicking a field goal which was almost automatic is showing disrespect.
  2. I could imagine the worst jobs would be coaching at the smallest schools that play 11 man football. Never knowing if you were going to have enough players to fill a squad until school starts and even then, I've seen seasons over with the loss of 1 or 2 players in those small schools.
  3. Just read a quote by Castles in the Henderson Paper that I find interesting. He talks about his players leadership in the face of adversity and 'cheap shots' and bad calls. I hope Surratt shows no mercy next time. .. Show some class Castles. Take the loss and own it.
  4. Wow, who would've thought the game post would have been up this long and still have been on the first page! I've never seen a completely one side poll either. Chapel Hill should at least have some homers voting for them.
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