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  1. Pine Tree vs. Gilmer in Longview at Pirate Stadium on Friday August 20th in their lone scrimmage. RJ
  2. Well...I do know some of the Hale family from my High School days here in Longview and from Insurance sales...and unless they're cousins,etc. to the Williams family they're not that closely related...ok ? I cannot speak for Malcolm Kelly or his relatives because I simply do not know. I'm somewhat older than both "anti" and "LoboFan07" at 25 or so years but they're actually closer in age to Kelly themselves and TWilliams...too ! Hope any of that helps ?!? R.J.
  3. Appreciate that...heard BOTH uses. Just reaching for positive result.
  4. A little help please... Does anyone know the correct pronunciation for Rusk pitcher "Cirkel" ?? Is it like "Circle" OR "CirKALE" Thanks in advance !! Need it ASAP...please ! RJ
  5. Moving forward...here's the Pine Tree Pirate returning breakdown for the 2021 season. The Pirate defense will be lead by SIX starters which include the following: Headliner & Third year starter Sr. MLB Dallas Dixon (6'0" 210). Additional returning starters are Jr. DT Brycelen Phillips (5'10" 285), Sr. DE Amahd Washington (6'2" 230), Sr. DT Cameron Turner (6'2" 207), Sr DB/WR Jeremiah Blinks (6'1" 175) & Sr. CB Tylur Neal (5'10" 165). A few other contributors on Defense from 2020 are Sr. LB Tyrese Jones (5'8" 175), Soph. DE/TE Dealyn Evans (6'5" 255), Sr. LB Joseph Fisher
  6. THIS ENTIRE QUOTE that I tried to explain definitely went right over your head !?! Marshall entered this very game as the favorite...they were 2-1 PT was 2-0-1 and it was a Marshall HOME game as well. Marshall’s Offensive "ineptitude " (your very words) had yet to be actually EXPOSED. I mean they had already scored 34, 21 & 43 points in their first three non-district games certainly nothing glaring as a true negative what with a 33 point average thus far. It was the Pirates Defense that chased QB Brent Burris around making life difficult for him and it was THIS game that "si
  7. There's already "companies" doing it there...fwiw !
  8. There will be such a "backlash" to this that it certainly will change back to the "PreCovid" standard. Too many money makers and outside power brokers that will not bow down to the UIL. The real fact of the matter is most will simply do it anyway.
  9. Let's see... Marshall 42 Jacksonville 21... Marshall 26 Mt. Pleasant 7... Looks like your Mavericks scored plenty on those two afterall AND won rather comfortably while "struggling " offensively at that !! There's no reason to continue go round & round with you on this point ! Pine Tree's defense "clearly" won the game at Marshall ! RJ
  10. Hmmmm...very first District 9-5A game as I recall and it was definitely the "shock" of the night not only within the league but all over East Texas. The "timing" of that game as well as the way the Pirates beat the Mavericks especially on the LOS was certainly surprising ! A 10-7 halftime PT lead would widen not because of the likes of DJ Freeman as the Marshall defense came to play but Pine Tree's defense limiting Marshall to around 100 yards that night. So give credit where it's credit is due...PIne Tree's defense that will return a solid group this Fall as well.
  11. A little late to the discussion for the upcoming 2021 season but here to throw out a couple of initial thoughts on the Pine Tree Pirates. The Pirates are coming off a 9-2-1 season that will return 3 Offensive & 6 Defensive starters along with a total of 19 lettermen. Obviously, replacing DJ Freeman and 7 starters on that side of the ball are big concerns. However, the Defense that was much maligned for many years and rightfully so...was vastly improved in 2020. The Defense held 4 opponents to one single Offensive score with both Marshall and Nacogdoches included in
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