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  1. Very good game. Congrats to the Tigers. I'm proud of the Eagles. They did what alot of people said they couldn't do. They kept it close. Again the penalties kick them in the behind.
  2. Id hate to see your projection if you could count any higher
  3. Gonna have to change the title of this thread to: ND @ 7-3 no longer possible Co Champs Daingerfield After Friday night
  4. ND is gonna make some adjustments from last Friday and come out guns blazin' and get the victory over DF.
  5. Any seeding that doesn't have ND in at atleast 4th is wrong. I can't prove it but it just is.
  6. No doubt man. At all. happens. Sometimes it works out for and sometimes it doesn't. But I'm not bitter. Good luck.
  7. Thought I was in the ND vs EF thread. Thanks for the response anyway
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