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  1. Gilmer came away from the first game with some confidence that they could play with PG. They got what they wanted, a rematch. Now can they turn that confidence into belief that they can beat PG? It will take their best game this year but I believe they have figured out what they are as a team and will get it done. The 5 year streak lives on one more week!
  2. Anybody hear what Hurt’s injury ended up being? He took a shot to the right arm/shoulder diving for the goal line and didn’t play the rest of the game. Game was out of reach at halftime though. Wondering if it was just a stinger and a precautionary move or something worse?
  3. Will it be a shoot out or will Gilmer’s defense continue to slow down opponents run game?
  4. What type of offense does Fairfield run? The limited highlights I've seen looked primarily run oriented out of spread formation without a whole lot of misdirection or option look. If that is true then I feel that Gilmer will be able to sell out on the run and shut Fairfield down.
  5. Heard Gilmer’s going to stay 4AD2
  6. Buckeyes shouldn't lack any motivation after last year's beat down by Pittsburg. The weather isn't ideal, but I think the line play (on both sides of the ball) by Gilmer will be the difference. 35 - 18 Buckeyes
  7. How is 4A in bEast Texas going to shake out between Division 1 and 2? I thought I read someone saying Carthage was close to the falling to Division 2 in the last snapshot? Will Gladewater bounce back to 4A? What might the new D.O.D. look like?
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