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  1. Yes they did but that does not make the video you posted truthful. It has inaccuracies from the opinion article. We have Nixon's own words. So back to the original post, we have seen that voter fraud is highly unusual and done by both sides. That is supported by your own piece. You believe mail in voting will result in fraud yet 57 million people did it in 2016 and there was no outcry but I am with you, if we do not want mail in voting then lets not have it, but that also eliminates absentee voting.
  2. He mentions the Paris Peace talks, however the notes from Nixon do not back what he claimed. If you have other items from a primary source such as Nixon himself I would love to see them https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/notes-indicate-nixon-interfered-1968-peace-talks-180961627/
  3. I went to the opinion article. I wanted to see where he got his facts. The opinion article is heavy on rhetoric but a bit light on facts. The claim makes it appear that all democrats claim it is illegitimate, which we in fact know is false. The examples he sites lack names and backing of persons in the DNC. Now let me ask you some questions 1. Compared to previous elections, how much "voter fraud" do you think will go on? 2. If you think a party is going to "cheat", which one, and how? 3. Do you think the general public is going to feel confident in the results of the election?
  4. So show the evidence. I am not pretending they are anything, I am going off facts in the original post. We sit here with one side saying everything President Trump does is evil and wrong while the other side says everything the democrats do is evil and wrong. Each pointing fingers but neither going off the actual facts of the situation.
  5. What exactly is the difference between voting by mail and absentee voting? I feel like some people are doing a party line thought process here without actually seeing the facts. And if they are essentially the same how can one be right and the other wrong?
  6. Can you post the link? And yes I did look for it but with no results. The reason I ask is I have seen many items that were not truthful in the last decade from both sides.
  7. So it is a one party problem. Yet from the original post that is not the facts. As for not being the same, 23% of votes were mail in in 2016. Should we have not seen vast voter fraud? Did the voter fraud commission find that? A democrat could in turn say President Trumps voters would do anything to defeat Biden.
  8. So the military, Congress, and absentee voting have been promoting voter fraud for decades? So the 57 million in 2016 were fraudulent? I am sure if that is the case the voter fraud commission appointed by President Trump found a huge number of voter fraud cases.
  9. 1. I do not believe voter fraud will be rampant. 2. Party's do not cheat people do and we have seen both do it on an equal basis as proven by your article 3. I believe that with President Trump fueling the cheating ideas without basis that he is calling into question the election. I do not believe that is presidential. His tweet (and recall he established twitter as official presidential record) about delaying the election was wrong. He does not have that authority and in April and May he pushed for primaries to happen on time. As for how hard is it well North Carolina is a great example, and it shows the system works, they were caught. Miami mayor race does as well. Now can you also answer your questions for me.
  10. We have had a good discussion but I believe I have already answered this. If there should not be vote by mail then we should not have congress, military, or absentee do it. And if I read your response correct you are saying closing polling places in low income areas is ok? As for trusting states, I believe politicians are in it for themselves and the people mean nothing, regardless of party.
  11. States handle voting as stated in Article 1 of the Constitution. You are implying that it is not secure and people can vote multiple times as laid out by state law. How do you make sure everyone who can legally vote can vote? Do you think closing polling places in low income areas do that? Are you wanting the federal government to be in charge of voting?
  12. As I said before I have no issue with that.
  13. No problem, I did a search and did not find what you claimed.
  14. You are correct and it was Miami yet while using that case you are actually showing they system works. The people were caught and the results invalidated. Do you drive on any roads were there have been people killed? Do you expect that to happen to yourself? Of course you do not but you use one case, that was caught, since 1948 as an example and treat it as the norm. So what would be the percentage of elections that has happened in since 1948........can we just agree it would be extremely small. I already know your answer, it should never happen, and again no teacher or child should die yet the Secretary of Education said it would be 1% or less so open the schools. You said you do not care R or D yet in this thread we have seen people who believe it is only one side when in fact over the last few years it is a higher percentage of republicans, just look at North Carolina. I gave an option and you tried to create another issue, what do those people do now?
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