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  1. I did not praise anyone just pointed out something that was false.
  2. Houston Chronicle. It was just like the other one you posted. There is a reason they are using a Twitter handle as source. You do not want to believe it I do not care, it will still be just as false no matter what you say.
  3. Quote the article please. This is what was said. They made the choice to save the 25 to 50K. Now it will cost 5 to 9million. This whole conversation has gone on long enough. They should have done it. In my opinion they knew this could happen and made the choice to not do it. They knew this in 2011 and they have been told every year since then the need for it. You guys disagree and think there is no need. Good for you. Retrofitting existing natural gas wells would be extremely difficult and probably cost prohibitive, according to Parker Fawcett, a natural gas analyst for S&
  4. So he had an opinion, then changed the opinion, then changed it back.............got it.
  5. Parker Fawcett, a natural gas analyst for S&P Global Platts. I am sure you guys know more than him. You should look him up.
  6. You are right, I am sure the commission was wrong. Experts were wrong. This is no big deal. You need to get on the phone to the governor and tell him how we do not need them to winterize.
  7. What are you having issues with? It is not talking about the actual temperature it is talking about the need to institute rolling blackouts. If you can not understand that and that it has happened about every ten years I can not explain it any better.
  8. You do not think it is trolling to argue against winterizing but then say they should do it only to come back and argue against it?
  9. You read it right? 25k to 50K if you do it from the start. If you wait and retro 5 million to 9 million. They were told to do this in 2011. They could have done it with every well since then. They made a choice to save 25 to 50K and now they will have to pay 5 to 9 million. Seems like the smart choice was the first one.
  10. Did you say do not trust any government agency? Yet you eat out? Buy groceries? You own a vehicle right? Trust it is safe? Or did you build your own. You went on the survivalist rant not me. You are literally arguing that companies should not winterize even though experts have told them for a decade. When it was left up to the companies they made the choice to save money and now it will cost 10 times as much. Why is it so hard for people to just say they messed up? Why is it the need to defend them? I am done with the conversation because it is nothing but trolls. They should have w
  11. Millions losing power as the grid has to institute blackouts. Yes it happens about every ten years for those that live in the ERCOT system.
  12. This Twenty six power generators that failed during a 2011 winter storm also failed during a similar 1989 storm, according to a review of the 2011 event written by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.
  13. This It’s also the resource that, during this crisis, failed in the “most spectacular fashion” as Webber put it. From the wells where companies produce natural gas, to the systems to deliver it and run it in gas-fired power plants, the system was not built for the low temperatures — but it doesn’t have to be this way.
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