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  1. Marxism 101 has always been tough for true Americans.
  2. That was pretty cool. Their eyes lit up when he started speaking chinese.
  3. Not sure what is going on in WW. They have some pretty decent athletes. QB is a good athletic senior. Hard to figure out but they have gone 1 and 3 against their all 2a schedule to date.
  4. How to say you're a beta without saying you're a beta
  5. Don't tell them there is a hand loop in a garage door pull. They'll send 15 agents that day. FBI is trash
  6. Good luck with his first game. Good times!
  7. Friday night lights then to deer lease. Might drink some beers
  8. https://www.clayandbuck.com/videos/audio-clips/epidemiologist-calls-c-b-with-whirlwind-of-information/ 10 to 15 minutes of common sense.
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