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  1. You don't even believe your own drivel
  2. 60 years old and going at it for the world to see. Probably gives bunny some hope
  3. I'm saying he was not very good with his finances until he got involved with Ukraine and China. Not somebody who is qualified to run America's finances. @JETT has a higher net worth than Biden did after 40+ years on the teat. Jett for pres!
  4. Do white supremacist normally target white nationalists? Asking for a friend.
  5. This is who you want running the country? Someone who was overpaid on the government teat for 40+ years who could only manage a net worth of less than $30,000? Then less than a decade later after selling his influence he is making $10+ million a year? Seems legit.... As recently as November 2009, Joe Biden's net worth was less than $30,000, according to CBS, but life post-vice presidency has been quite lucrative for President Obama's former number two. the Bidens reported an adjusted gross income of roughly $11 million in 2017 and $4.6 million in 2018
  6. Well, lets see. If the Biden's are compromised to the Chinese and other countries, SlowJoe would not be the best person to be making deals and or wars with these other countries. Or maybe you like getting screwed over around the world like we were in previous admins. I prefer America 1st.
  7. One thing is clear. They obviously don’t watch cnn in Sweden
  8. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/sweden/ Covid is supposedly blowing up in various parts of the world. Not in Sweden. They are at 5,918 total deaths as of today. But only 162 deaths since August 1. Hopefully we can get that type of herd immunity going over here. They don't wear masks either. I pray for the day that Americans have as much freedom as Sweden. Never thought I'd say that. https://www.ft.com/content/3148de6c-3b33-42d3-8cf6-d0e4263cea82
  9. Is it ok to go to a baseball game and take off your mask around folks that aren't in your immediate family? Asking for a friend...
  10. Yep. Sad that we have people trying to turn our great country to communism. One would think educators have some sense of history and know the hell that comes to most citizens with the implementation of communism
  11. What a scum bag. Won’t even take responsibility for his actions
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