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  1. If you have internet you can download fuboTV and watch for free with a one week trial.
  2. You can also sign up for a FREE trial of FuboTV and stream ALL of the games. 🗣
  3. Gunter goes deep in the playoffs almost every year. They won 2016 and played newton 2017, lost to Canadian in the semis 2018 and going to state 2019. There’s 4 years off the top of my head.
  4. Pretty sure I read he was suspended for 30 days. It was over the Newton/DF thread, I think.
  5. 2 underdogs! Beat the #1 and #2 teams! Can’t wait to see this one. Both teams are going to be on a mission. Good luck, y’all!
  6. If you wanna get down time it there were a few called against Newton the week before that were very questionable and shifted the momentum of the game. Not making excuses bc we should’ve played better, honestly. But it is what it is and better luck next year. Good luck Pewitt!
  7. Heck we beat Silsbee by 30 points this year and you see where we’re at as opposed to them. Silsbee starts off slow. They’re VERY capable of getting this W.
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