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  1. I just can’t pick one! I’ve really enjoyed the classy, respectful fans from each team and think they’re both great. I know most are picking Canadian but there have been SOOO MANY upsets this season that it’s hard to say. Good luck to both!
  2. There were bad calls last week too. Can’t blame the refs for losing. That’s how the cards fell but I will say it sure #### losing, lol.
  3. I think this is the most humble posts I’ve seen you make. Rise up and make the best of BBall now.
  4. Even I’ve seen it on fb. Ain’t hard to find.
  5. They’re pretty legit. I had Canadian and EB going to state even before we lost. We struggled with them last year after we played y’all and lost Brown.
  6. Ohhhh, the hype. You don’t really believe that.
  7. I really hate to hear that. Hope the young man fully recovers.
  8. Game day boys! Hoping for a good game, no injuries and safe travels. #PPND
  9. You need a good seat to watch this whoopin.
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