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  1. Mineola beat White Oak....4-3 and Van....13-1
  2. heck of a season jackets!!! tremendous game tonight! way to battle out there. i knew you would compete!!
  3. he he he he he....it's evident that you still "DON'T KNOW!" see results!
  4. Yes...I witnessed it! "you still don't know...."
  5. Great job, Red Raiders!!! You make me so proud to be a Tyler Lee Baseball alum!
  6. Great job Jackets! You stayed focused and battled through a frustrating, offensive day for the WIN! Ray Martin.....what can you say about that young man? What an unbelievably gutsy performance on the mound (14 Ks) and a clutch hit in the 8th inning for the WIN. Great job Coach Ihler for having Adams running on the pitch that Martin ripped to left field for the WIN. Congrats also to Chase McDougald for his two "game tying" RBIs in the 6th inning. Way to step up guys!!
  7. Prayers from Mineola. May God bless the family and the community with comfort during this difficult time!
  8. Time change: Today, Tuesday, April 3, 4:00 p.m. (originally scheduled for 6:30 p.m.)
  9. Broker......You're right, I wouldn't do that. You said that, not me! When someone is so passsionately negative and gets personal with it, I think they should own up to it. I understand the whole "blog" aspect but it's gotten a bit personal. When someone is so personal and critical, I would expect them to be confident enough in their facts and allegations that they would sign their name to it. Therefore, if they don't own up to it, I guess they really are frabricating facts and allegations. By the way, I'm done with this issue. I've said my last! It's time to encourage those kids
  10. Thanks Coach Wells! You're a class-act! Thanks for doing what you do for our kids. My code name is Kendall Banks, Minister of Youth, First Baptist Church, Mineola.
  11. Early district showdown of stated ranked teams.
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