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  1. In typical Shelbyville fashion they let the best candidate walk. This time though the push back will be different. You can't just keep doing what the people don't want. No further comment. I'm out.
  2. Whatever. Chefs? We don't have a cooking team I wouldn't do the job for a million dollars! I would help and support though. Maybe tonight I can elaborate more. They are interviewing right now.
  3. All the hires are not bad, and I would love to work with the young kids under the guidance of an AD that cares and has direction.
  4. Well said. Spot on! The guy I'm praying for has been extremely successful and he understands the community.
  5. The previous AD's didn't scratch the surface on what they had and there were some terrible hires as well.
  6. True about football next year but the other sports might have a few lean years. To include football after next year but there is definitely some good kids coming up. A lot of people invested a lot of quality time with them.
  7. If the guy I'm talking about gets the job we will see who is laughing in about 3 or 4 years. Next year will be OK, but there will be a few building years. Remember, a successful AD is not just all about one sport. The kids coming up have been taught right and have excelled in everything.
  8. Too early to call but the right guy is on the list. He will be good for all sports because he cares and he knows how to evaluate people. He will make good hires and maximize the talents of everybody. He will also be a bridge from youth sports to school ball. Something Shelbyville has sorely lacked for the better part of two decades. The kids coming up right now have won in everything. They may not just dominate everybody but they have a great chance to be good in everything. Girls too.
  9. There hasn't been much stability but this next hire is about to change that. I'm not 100% sure but fairly certain who it will be, and if so it will be the best hire as AD in the schools history.
  10. It must be politics in Center? The community is STACKED with talent but by high school a lot of them leave or just don't play. Counting the ones that leave they put a lot of kids in college. Probably as many as Carthage In recent years Logansport, Garrison and San Augustine have benefited greatly from Center transfers. A few other schools as well I hear?
  11. Yes, I know about the rules. We had a kid move around here from a few different schools and it came down to a decision where the kid had to come back. I don't have any proof of anything and if I did I wouldn't try to get someone in trouble. Rules can be manipulated though and I sure hope you realize that certain programs attract players. Recruiting I don't know? In most cases I think the kids go to them. Bottom line is in a small town 1 or 2a size it's mostly impossible to have a juggernaut 15 or 20 years in a row without move ins and recruits.
  12. The time to move is in middle school. If you have a kid that can play a lot of parents will take them to other programs. I don't blame them. My kids plays and I want the best opportunity for him. Your discipline and toughness analogy is laughable. If that is the case why doesn't it carry over to the other sports?
  13. Oh really? we do have a 4a school here that does the same thing the schools I mention do. Carthage. A lot of homegrown talent but kids come from all over Panola county to play there. I don't blame them. I have a kid that plays and I'm open to a better situation for him.
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