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  1. Good points. I guess there is no way of really knowing the overall impact of this unprecedented situation. My best guess from information gathered is that we will be lucky to start in time for regular football practice. It's really sad for what these kids are losing. Not only the Sr's but all the way down to the youngest pee wee players. They only get one chance and once the clock starts ticking they don't get any time back.
  2. Our basketball boys were on the court warming up for state when the cancelation came. And now we have lost baseball! Truly tough pills to swallow! I'm starting to worry about football!
  3. I was hoping someone with more knowledge than me could shed some light on when sports might resume? Without political or religious opinions. We have an abundance those!
  4. Basketball is his 3rd best sport but probably his favorite. He turned 12 March 6th. marking the end of the sports year for us. We start over with baseball but since everything is on hold I thought I might as well make a sports video. . . I think all kids should play basketball as it is one of the best activities for coordination, agility, and endurance. It's also the most fun sport to play and watch. My opinion. . old smoak.mp4
  5. This is a real good assessment of the current team. Cole and Kurtrick were really good on the previous teams.
  6. Exaggeration or not the key to drawing a charge is guts. It's also a big momentum booster when successful. Coach Schmitt emphasizes these types of plays more than most coaches and actually does drills teaching the art. His practices in general are pretty much as intense as the 4th quarter of the game yesterday. I really tip my hat to him for being able to accomplish that feat. Not many can do it.
  7. Marcus Horton and Parker both drew a charge late. I think it was Horton (6th man) that drew the last one with 1 minute to go.
  8. I agree but in all of Buckley's greatness I think his classmates Kolby Parker and Jordan Boykins are just as much a factor in the overall success. Jordan is literally playing with a torn ACL! He is probably 60% at best. If he were a 100% who could play within 20 points of us? I also think he is the best big game 3 point shooter to come through these parts. Also of note he just turned 17 in August so he will graduate a really young Sr. Kolby Parker who does everything well is pure heart! According to the stats on Max Preps he has drawn over 200 charges these last two seasons! This season
  9. Voice gone and heart out of rhythm but Dragon proud!! A lot of Shelby county fans were there in support. . . Especially Tenaha! We may be rivals but they circled the wagons with us today. Also, major props to the Grapeland squad!! The game could have went either way.
  10. Been saying this for years. SFA would be perfect.
  11. Blueblood99 We posted at the exact same time! Grapeland is really good. I think depth is where they have an advantage on us. . As you said though, if we shoot well we will be ok. This could potentially be one for the ages!
  12. After watching the videos and taking it all in I tip my hat to superintendent Tyner. I wish our sup had that much passion for our sports programs!
  13. Shelbyville 64 Crawford 37 with 5 minutes left in the 4th. It's been raining 3's!! Shelbyville just stalling now. Gonna be a showdown tomorrow!
  14. They take their sports serioisly! We are long time neighbors and rivals. . Over the years there have been a lot of intense exchanges.
  15. They make up for it with hustle and rebounding. They are great in transition!
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