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  1. Hearing ALOT of talk that Gold of Whitehouse is going to Irving MacArthur
  2. Interviews started yesterday. Thinking a 2-3 week process?
  3. How talented will Texas High be? Good QB, WRs? Defense? I haven't heard of much besides beating Lufkin in the 1st round. I know they have talent.
  4. They lost 9 starters the year before on offense including the QB, RB, and all 4 WR's. They still managed to finish #2. They'll lose many again so I doubt they put together another run like that back to back. I think they'll finish 4 or 5. I just think people in here immediately count Whitehouse out when they've made the playoffs what last 10/12 years or so? We just seem very bias on the ole Whitehouse Wildcats it seems. Here's the suspect defense Saligner report on last year. Just speaking facts. Team Defense ------------ GA RUSHING PASSING TOTAL
  5. Shocked is a little extreme considering they finished #2 and were the only districts playoff win. Sounds like a lot of luck went their way. I do agree they shouldn't have beat you guys... well several teams shouldn't have beat Nac.
  6. 1. Texas High - Welcome to Div. II 2. Marshall - Beat everyone besides teams just as athletic as they are. (6-4) 3. Pine Tree - QB gets them to #3 4. Nac - 2nd year under new coach, better make it in this year. 5. Mt. Pleasant - Good RB’s but not good enough. 6. Whitehouse - Too young & No Mahomes 7. Jacksonville - No identity 8. Hallsville - No chance Texas High only playoff winner in 2020.
  7. Agreed. Talent is down and money could talk. Maybe talented OC/DC in the area wanting to take a chance?
  8. Great job. Is West Mesquite a better job than Mexia? More money?
  9. This just in.. the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only racist organization in the AFC. Many reports on fans making comments (none confirmed.) Many reports one racist sign in the stands 5 years ago (nobody knows what it said.) One reporter says he heard a fan yelling things per last game (not confirmed that it was even racist). Live interview from Mike Tomlin tonight at 7:00pm. Stay tuned.
  10. Mavchamp being exposed. Go punch your pillow and release some of this anger. Haha. Another quality loss goes to the Marshall Mavericks!!
  11. The reporter made no mention of a racist comment. Nobody can tell me what the sign said. What valid information are you producing to make any of this credible? You must be one of those believe all of what you hear and even more of what you see kind of guys. Is that the way the saying goes?
  12. What exactly did the multiply reported sign say at this intense volleyball game? And who was the game between?
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