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  1. I think this kid will be pretty good too. Going to be a sophomore. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13085442/5d8d9c1cda5b8c1514de2bdc
  2. Watching entitled nfl players vs the corrupt ncaa is not appealing. My dream matchups include: Aledo vs Longview Aledo vs Odessa Permian Highland Park vs Ennis Southlake vs Katy Calallen vs Carthage
  3. If you have a game link post it! Please keep the post on topic so this thread is a resource for all of us to reference.
  4. He seems like a decent QB. Just have to wait and see how he adjust. I just hope there is a legit QB competition and the best player starts.
  5. JV kid moved away and the back-ups were seniors. It seems the kid from Godley is the front runner. I'm against move in QBs taking the job from kids that have been in our system for years. Other positions I dont care about as much but QB is different. If I really had my way there wouldnt be any athletic transfers but that is not the culture of txhsfb. I know transfers have got us over the hump but I'd rather play regional final games with our kids than win state with transfers. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13030109/5dd1d0214205a70d7cc106a0 I hope it is this kid, that way he can start the next two seasons. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13235777/5d654b3202bbdb14f0d79687
  6. Idk, we arent exactly making friends in region 2. Lots of programs that want our hide.
  7. We might have to bet on yall winning the next two playoff games against us
  8. I know yall have a stud QB coming up, what grade is he going into? Also how many more playoff games do we need to play before you consider it a rivalry and where would it rank for yall?
  9. You think thats an Aledo highlight film lol? Thats a game highlight. There are as many Ennis highlights as Aledo. I honestly thought yall should have gone for 2. I think yall had a better chance on offense to get the two than beat us in overtime. I think on the 5A board game thread I said yall should go for 2 at the time.
  10. I know this isn't a typical season but lets say it was. You have friends/family coming in from out of state and they have never seen a txhsfb game and they want to go. Which game and where are you taking them?
  11. I figure I'll just check in with you week to week then if we actually play nothing will need to be said lol.
  12. Highland Park has just had a rough 2020. First they get put in a district with Longview and JT. Then they have to drop a game lmao.
  13. For now it seems like our game is still on track!
  14. I disagree, pretty much every situation is a no win. People are going to be upset regardless.
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