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  1. Aledo played Copperas Cove in '06 in the semifinals. Cove beat Texas High in the R2 final I believe. The Cove QB was Robert Griffin and the Texas High QB was Ryan Mallet. Not going to lie, Texas High was the more impressive team when I was watching film getting ready to play Cove the following week. I was glad we got Cove, thought they were a better matchup for us. Little did I know Cove had 6 guys that were faster than anyone we had. Their LBs were very rangy!! But I agree Texas High had a very good team.
  2. Not saying that cant be done but I think the only team that could win all those is Ennis.
  3. Here was my updated best guess w9 Texarkana / f10 Fulshear r12 Barbers Hill / t11 Houston Sterling w10 A&M Consolidated / f9 Whitehouse r11 Fort Bend Willowridge / t12 Port Neches-Groves w11 Fort Bend Marshall / f12 Kingwood Park r10 Huntsville / t9 Longview Pine Tree w12 Crosby / f11 Houston Waltrip r9 Marshall / t10 Bryan Rudder
  4. Not that anyone has confused you with being a scholar but maybe you should skip a rep or ten and practice some grammar and punctuation.
  5. Rollin with North. Marshall didnt do anything yesterday to make me think they have made a jump. Might start 0-3 this year, playoffs, then 1 or 2 and done. We will see.
  6. If yall had a confident team then yall wouldnt be worried about getting embarrassed. Look good, feel good, play good. Idk, more than anything I wanted to take a shot at JT.
  7. Maybe yall can invite some of the players from '14 back. They were an overly cocky bunch.
  8. They looked very deserving of the #1 ranking! They are going to be very tough to beat.
  9. Been watching this game. It looks like a typical 6A vs 5A game. Temple is bigger on the lines and is playing better overall. No doubt which team is better at the moment.
  10. Sophomore QB takes lead http://ahscatseye.com/3230/showcase/sophomore-quarterback-takes-lead/
  11. "Now, they must move their best WR to QB." I mean, it sounds like this is your opinion. I'd say thats passing off some elses idea as your own. But now its clear that you are just repeating something that dctf said.
  12. So you take their info and pass it off as your own? Either way #4 didnt get hurt in the scrimmage. He was out before that time. And I dont think they are moving #1 to QB. Think they are going to give the sophomore an opportunity to earn the spot. We will see.
  13. Not sure why we got included in this thread but I think youre wrong twice.
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