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  1. Watching QC in any sport is about as enjoyable as watching two armless men box.
  2. Weddle will most likely coach the D-Line, Receivers, and call the Defense occasionally. That’s what he’s done in years past there.
  3. QC’s AD was literally their basketball coach and head football coach a few years back. So this makes a ton of sense.
  4. List out some of the best pre-district games ETX has to offer for the 2020-2021 season.
  5. One and done this past year, with nothing coming up and losing four best players on the team.
  6. Don’t see much appeal to the job if the football team has no chance, and all other sports are irrelevant except for softball.
  7. Per a VERY reliable source, time is ticking. Most likely won’t be back next year.
  8. Paris North Lamar may be opening up soon. Don’t know much about the school. Does the school draw a lot of interest from good candidates?? What is their situation like schedule wise?
  9. What’s the knock against the basketball coach?? Y’all fill me in.
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