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  1. I’m more worried about the economy and financial stability than about the pandemic.
  2. Definitely I much rather do this then what may happen.
  3. April 6 the $$$ is coming. Hopefully this comes to pass cause no matter what happens or who wins a depression or economic is terrible for our country.
  4. You think Biden deserved getting one? You don’t think Rush did so yes it is the same. I realize it doesn’t fit your narrative of hating America and Trump .
  5. I have a feeling some lefty have done this before. Cognitive judgment isn’t a strong point for some.
  6. Has anyone seen the new stadium progress? Is it finished? I assume it is ready but haven’t heard much?
  7. Good pickup . Dallas I think in for a good year. Cowboys are making going in the right direction. Dallas needs some players healthy and live up to expectations.
  8. Can’t believe BOB is still in charge. GM and HC should be separate imo. A SB or AFC championship appearance probably only thing that saves him. Houston really dropped the ball not hiring a real GM.
  9. He is 42 and new offense. Expectations should be mild. Playoffs contention is probably the mild set the Bucs should follow. I could see Montana with the Chiefs as far as he ends his career.
  10. Should always be prepared but panic buying is ridiculous. Lack of faith and common sense is a scary attitude to have. Most people have a me first mentality that doesn’t help anyone.
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