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  1. Riddle me this Batman . When multiple schools and even outsiders heard of this , then it’s a you problem. Perception speaks volumes.
  2. Most folks around the state call that the good ole days.
  3. Ultimately that’s on the HC if your quote a Defensive guy , surround yourself with offensive minded coaches.
  4. Could you please issue a shred of evidence that white racist are openly supporting Trump? Sure you can find one or two racist but like liberal idiots I don’t fault everyone that is a Democrat . Could you please enlighten us on how Trump is an racist. He done things racist just don’t do. Has Trump ever done a eulogy at well known a high up klan man? I know someone who has!
  5. I see your elevator doesn’t go to the top floor please refrain from responding .
  6. Nope clearly says lindale. Only you were confused .
  7. Kinda of funny when you see him try so hard. Personally I think it is a defense mechanism for himself. If you say your team is the champ everyday you start thinking you can beat Carthage. I tried that method but more effective than voodoo dolls or bulldogs and Surratt that may or not been made. I am not a liberty to disclose such information. Let’s just say some things may or may not have been sold at Henderson, Kilgore, Waco, Argyle, lamp school that almost won , Mi heritage , Abilene, all schools down south, 5a and below, Walmart’s.
  8. Total idiots. If you’re voting for them guess that makes you one in the same.
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