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  1. Oh yeah I didn’t have any knowledge other than he basically offered from every one lol. Still a generation talent but doesn’t hurt to have a previous QB at A&M.
  2. Envious has it ways . Thus the reasoning why so many want to be apart of it. I would too considering the options.
  3. First thing he says “ Biden guy no good” America “ Yeah we know”
  4. This shouldn’t be tolerated. A sweep across the country is right thing to do. Can’t understand the logic with folks against this.
  5. You could saved you some self respect if you just said “ I got nothing “
  6. Your deflection game is on point. Let not pretend you don’t have over 50,000 pictures of Trump ( different poses) and foreign terrorists in your basement.
  7. This is common knowledge. Anyone disputing this is just a hater and or an idiot.
  8. Going to go there before the game Friday. @JETT you want some ? 77 is buying.
  9. They’re racists themselves. True racism is disgusting and usually disguised as being helpful and not racist. I believe character is more important than anything else. The rest is irrelevant.
  10. Ok that makes sense. Living in East Texas I take that for granted lol.
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