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  1. Would kinda expected with the sudden surge of top 5 classes. Ole miss was similar with that and were busted as well.
  2. Yet he never done anything criminal but you ignore joe corruption. Your priorities are ridiculous. Also keep in mind 80 million didn’t vote for Biden. You look ridiculous trying to make that argument when been mathematically logically impossible.
  3. I know joe and Harris won’t be good for our country with the socialism communism society that you’re looking for.
  4. I could see that as as a possibility. Tennessee is theory is a good job. Recruiting is there and is easier in the East. O’Brien may move the needle enough with NFL and his production at Penn st. Gotta remember winning (Penn St) much less coaching after all that was a small miracle in itself.
  5. Anyone that can beat bama is a risk they’re willing to take.
  6. They try so hard . Knowing good and well they’re full of .
  7. fortunately , I don’t look at much media anymore because they’re obviously biased and not genuine at s at all. I probably just look at the memes on here courtesy of our leftists here.
  8. Oh me too but I usually don’t watch stuff that is depressing. I treat it like the Cowboys.
  9. agree not competitive in the East is inexcusable for programs that want to be great. I can’t understand why they’re mediocre at best.
  10. I just can’t watch this one . More depressing than Obama. At least he legitimately won both times.
  11. Being a Trump basher is more important than the benefits of the country. I kinda wish we would split the United States lol.
  12. Of China you forgot that your comrades would be disappointed in you.
  13. I would say something but don’t wanna you know....
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