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  1. Depends what you consider truth. Corrupt folks have no moral standards and allergic to the truth.
  2. Could see that but Mabank is out of school until tomorrow I believe. One day of practice seems like a hard task . Palestine has the team to keep up with Lindale and Athens no match for Kilgore. I believe all the favorites win .
  3. How do you figure that? You’re very observant my goodness your delusional.
  4. She lies when she speaks hard to keep track. The laugh from the pit of hell is something else.
  5. How do they justify this? ole election ain’t until next week gotya.
  6. Do you feel confident. I heard the press with Pittman on YouTube. The hire seems like a good fit. Arkansas needs and wants stability and being competitive. I believe if A&M plays poorly like the vandy game then Arkansas has a legitimate opportunity. Aggies have an impressive streak in the series . 2012-2019
  7. You’re correct lol I mainly talking about more emphasis on the agreement. I do appreciate the changes.
  8. Again only a moron thinks Texas is switching to the stupid side. Austin ain’t that big Barry.
  9. You know your desperate when you have to resort to this. The candidate was a poor choice to begin with.
  10. I think a should be added as a way of agreement and not having to explain it or something that explains a definitive agreement Ex: I believe Democrats are corrupt ect 100%.
  11. I trust a meth head over Barry any day.
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