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  1. I challenge anyone to dispute this https://youtu.be/z-2ljfYof04. I agree Trump just got re-elected with this pick.
  2. Agree I was joking and you’re correct. Sin is sin no matter who it is or who justify it.
  3. Probably true but honestly you should be to check your own faith. Not really difficult to go against a party that opposes your fundamentals and go against everything you stand for. I find it hard to believe one can be a Christian and support this.
  4. Rational behavior trying to justify their sins. Umm that is not how that works. Criminal activity is just that .
  5. You be crying like y’all have been for the past four years.
  6. He can’t provide any information that he is a liar but yet his candidate routinely lies and not a word is said by Barry.
  7. Exactly the condoning is essentially what he is doing is ridiculous and appalling. The level of hypocrisy for sake of narrative is disturbing.
  8. Never should have stop that look. However, I believe that was Nike . I am interested what happens. I believe they lose the stripes and lose the Texas Tech style letters. That would be a good look .
  9. They usually mirror each other and for the most part have the same set of rules. No way one does without the other.
  10. Most people are sheep you know this more than anybody.
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