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  1. Burning things and looting is quite ridiculous and probably the worst thing to do. That ain’t peaceful just FYI.
  2. Doesn’t make it accurate or right. A virus is a idiotic thing to point blame for .
  3. I never said it bothers me. This is a opinion based message board so I hardly see your point.
  4. Not really I do like you as a poster but unfortunately not more than you apparently want . I laugh at hypocrisy and look so forward seeing the left cry and fake move on Election Day. I for one if somehow Trump lost that own up the fact that we have a lame duck president . I did it with Obama so I will manage Lol.
  5. Probably not even from there and votes well you know. What a terrible thing to do and needs to be prosecuted full extent of the law.
  6. That’s obvious. The economy was going great before the Chinese virus. Now the left gets to blame Trump for letting this happen. Deep down they know Biden is not a leader and will continue to whine and complain for four more years.
  7. How in to yourself you have to be to come up with that name. I can’t take anyone seriously and find it appalling someone referring themselves as a or the God. I wouldn’t give him a platform.
  8. Who is very corrupt organization. Great move by our President. We as Americans shouldn’t associate with that type of scum.
  9. True she stands a better shot than sleepy job . I would give Barry or Jett a bigger edge to run.
  10. Sad but very true . I don’t expect them to listen. This is how fake news survives . Blaming Trump and Fear is the UnAmerican way.
  11. Would have been hilarious if they spray painted Fake news. I am sure if they told them they are voting a certain way then this would be mischievous behavior lol.
  12. Agree how is this honoring this man death. Actually quite the opposite. Act like you have some sense and have integrity.
  13. I agree this incident is egregious and disturbing. The narrative that all people are hating African Americans is the majority is untrue. Everyone deserves Basic rights no matter who. Some folks want to pick and choose which rights we all should have. The fact most murders is black on black crime is terrible. I don’t understand the non outrage. Fatherless homes and commitment to basic behavior is root of that problem. We need more leadership and attitudes to change that. Unfortunately there will always be racism because many were taught that way. We shouldn’t be divided but should come together for the better of the country.
  14. I believe they were used to fake news but unprepared when in actuality CNN was covering a real story.
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