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  1. Racism happen yes . Cops racist not a chance. You portray yourself as a victim . Rise above that and consider character more important than race.
  2. This should turn into a rivalry. Would be good for both programs imo. Texas should play both Tyler schools in non district every year.
  3. Hopefully this is a good matchup. Just better when these schools are great. Those old 12 5a teams were remarkably strong back in the day.
  4. Pulling for Marshall but I see NC winning. These are games that should be won so Marshall is considered a contender. The District isn’t a good indicator. End of the day Marshall does what is necessary in a lackluster district.
  5. Ctown I believe thinks everyone is racist and cops are killing blacks when stats say otherwise. I won’t ever glorify someone committing a crime. Do they deserve to die No. Does the police have a responsibility to protect themselves and others most definitely. This country isn’t racist at all. Black community has it the best in America compared to the rest of the world. Black people have been ceo, professional sports, businesses owners, president, Congressman, doctors,preachers and many other high quality people.
  6. Wrong is wrong no matter how you justify it.
  7. Again he hasn’t posted anything that reflects that however you have .
  8. Don’t pick up a gun and point at the others . This is gun safety 101. No way anyone knew that was a BB gun in which can hurt you . Care to try again.
  9. A mask ain’t stopping anything genius.
  10. Find me a case where systematic racism exists or where the police officer killed an unarmed black man and he didn’t do anything to provoke .
  11. People with no principles tend not to care about anyone else or what is good for their country.
  12. Do you need more facts? I held you to a higher standard than Barry and Pepe! Some folks have baseless claims which has no merit!
  13. Has Trump been on record saying the N word ? Crime Bill of 93 Has Good friends that are KkK members ? for Segregation of busses in the late 70s You ain’t black if you Cockroaches white kids are .... yeah you know Has Biden Gave business deals to minorities ? Did he Invite minority people to the Whitehouse and discussion of their perspective? Do you see a pattern? You can be sued for anything and not remotely accurate just Fyi
  14. Facts are the success rate is extremely high. 7000 people die in the country every day. You aren’t guaranteed to live to one hundred. Dying from Covid and Dying with Covid are two different things. Democrats are supposed to be about Science right? I data and stats reflect this.
  15. Biden way more racist than Trump every thought. You can’t be this stupid.
  16. He done more for blacks than any other presidents. Racist folks don’t associate with a particular race. You’re just flat out lying .
  17. So you post an idiotic comparison and police grammar ! Dude
  18. Agree the fact he thinks he is a superior is hilarious. I personally think more of a loon myself.
  19. Notice the absence of Barry ‘a rebuttal to his ridiculous accusations. I suppose he is ignoring everyone and logic besides just me lol. I just want to point this out
  20. I didn’t realize that big of a lead yikes . I thought was a typical shootout.
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