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  1. Yeah in 6a you don't have very many. Edinburg Vela, Laredo United always make it to the 3rd round but get bounced by Westlake of a San Antonio School. Weslaco made it but got handled by Lake Travis. Maybe another Laredo school could make it to the 3rd round but obviously to make it to the Regional Championship you have to beat a Austin or SA school. 5a D1 you have McAllen memorial that dropped down. I know offensively they have been lucky to have the best back in the RGV (The Speights Brothers, Bradley Stephens earlier) which isn't bad but to get past to the regional championship you might ne
  2. Don't forget about Beeville Jones in District 15 also. Crazy that a 11-1 team from last year might be the projected 4th or 5th team in the district and could miss the playoffs.
  3. Thoughts on if any south Texas team will ever break through and become region 4 champs in 5a-6a. Or will the talent gap always be to great for any south Texas team to overcome. Thoughts?
  4. I know this is off topic but does anybody know where their head basketball coach Mike Junek ended up?
  5. I know everyone is talking about the winning programs. But I got to give some respect to Coach Castillo at Diamond Hill Jarvis. Taking a team that had 6 straight winless seasons and to do what he has done is great to see. Sure he went 0-10 his first season and they still struggle greatly in district, but to see them go from that to a 5-5 team is fantastic. 8 wins in 2 seasons doesn't sound like much, but at a program and community like that it means everything.
  6. Just read the article and Coach Rigdon, definitely didn't leave anything to speculation in his version. It is very disappointing and concerning that when a coach seemingly is doing everything right by the program and the kids is treated like that, considering if everything he said was true. I wish nothing but the best for Coach Rigdon and his family, especially the boys for what they had to go through.
  7. Yes definitely Kilgor should be competitive. I do agree HJR7 in the sense that they were a .500 team returning only half their starters. But you never know.
  8. Here are the rankings for Dave Campbell's that I saw on twitter. Rank Returners O/D 1.Waco La Vega 6/8 2. Argyle 7/7 3. Lampasas 6/5 4. CC Calallen 7/7 5. Port Lavaca 4/5 6. Springtown 5/3 7. CC Miller 6/5 8. Dumas 8/6 9, El Campo 6/5 10. Decatur 5/4 11. Stephenville 6/6 12. Midlothian Heritage 5/6 13. Austin LBJ 8/7 14. Paris 6/6 15. Brownwood 4/3 16. Kennedale 8/6 17. Needville 8/7 18. Lindale 8/7 19. Melissa 6/6 20. Kilgore 5/6 21. Andrews 5/6 22. Henderson 1/3 2
  9. Seeing what yal's thoughts were on 4A D1. I haven't seen the Dave Campbells rankings but seeing the realignement. Region 4 looks tough with District 15 having some heavy hitters dropping down from 5a and Lampasas out of District 13. Of course Region 2 is favored possibly with Waco La Vega and Argyle. What do yal think?
  10. Reading his interviews in the News he liked the fact that San Marcos was a one horse town and that it did present a new challenge. It sounded like he wanted to be at a place that needed him. He has already won a couple of state titles and going to a place where they have done it already wouldn't prove anything. But I think going to a place that hasn't and the challenge of building it into a championship team would be another accomplishment in itself. Also, facilities and him being the Athletic Director and not the Athletic coordinator was a big one, not having to answer to another AD. A lot mo
  11. John Walsh. Really huge hire, about as good as you can get for any job. But to get someone as quality as him during this time is a fantastic hire. The next 2 years there will be some growing pains but there enrollment was a little over 100 kids to put them over into 6a. There could be an outside shot that they can go back to 5a. Very small chance but I know they have done that at Guyer. Their district top to bottom is better for them now, than the district they were in. They have a viable shot at getting 3rd or 4th place spot. Plus, if you win, you will be able to retain athletes that chose t
  12. Matt Stepp put out a tweet yesterday that San Marcos is hiring somebody Monday. I expect it to be a huge hire. Probably a well known coach with some state championships under his belt.
  13. Agreed. I was pertaining to the growth of the city could contribute to them becoming a great job with businesses moving there. Many kids hopefully athletes would be moving into the school district with people relocating. But to keep athletes there you would have to win. I assume with good programs north and south of San Marcos, many kids or parents have chosen to play elsewhere. Definitely who ever gets the job will have their work cut out for them.
  14. Denton Guyer is coming back with some good returners. They have their qb who was got hurt in the championship game and is a freak of an athlete. I think he was state champ in high jump as a sophmore if I am not mistaken. But having a new head coach, Who knows. Duncanville is a machine that has ran into Northshore two years in a row. But they have a QB also that was young, but gained alot of experience last year. Any favorites?
  15. Rockwall and Wesfield made it last year but don't know how much they have coming back. Then again alot of these teams are able to reload. Rockwall having a new head coach could have a major, minor, or no effect. Time will tell with them.
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