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  1. Okay who can’t coach D1 talent? Has he produce a player that wasn’t expected to be a player? How has his position group been throughout his years at Carthage?
  2. So not the Qb coach, what position did he coach on offense skill or lineman give us a hint?
  3. Slot T so there hiring the QB coach who was at PG for a year and came to Carthage last year? If so disregard everything I said lol this may not be as good. Slot T in DF would be a wasting athletes in my opinion.
  4. Being from Carthage is great and all but will Nelson let him implement his own offense? Will Nelson and coaches say this is how we do it or will they be open to learning and let him use FB/TE? Will they let him change personnel during games? In my opinion if they are open and willing to let him bring his system this will be a great hire, but if he is limited by Nelson or current staff he should stay at Carthage or find a coordinator job that will let him run what has been proven to be most diverse offense since 2009 in East Texas and arguably Texas! Last thought:
  5. Heard he had his guy. Should be real interesting if everything works out. I think this hire will be noticed around East Texas and could be bad for 3A D2 DF coordinators.
  6. They have the talent to WIN it every year so no that’s not good enough.
  7. Why not hire an assistant from NS, Katy, Duncanville, PG, Carthage, or Gilmer all premier programs in Texas. Daingerfield is on the edge of winning another title if they can find the right fit. If they don’t make a deep run next year they should go in a different direction with a new AD/HC in my opinion. To much talent for them not to win it all.
  8. Heard he interviewed a guy from Houston area.
  9. Who will Nelson name as his next OC?
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