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  1. Yahoo news, that’s a laugh. Just because he says something you do not believe, does not make it a lie. Maybe what you believe is the lie you have been told for so long.
  2. Yeah, the Dimwit talk is Trump lies but never seem to be able to name any of them
  3. We don’t really care what YOU call it. The people come out for Trump. Biden talks to a half dozen empty chairs.
  4. Yeah, remember Beto’s big win? I don’t either!
  5. Only when the local authorities say enough, is enough. As long as they placate them it will continue.
  6. Why don’t we decorate Biden’s basement like the Oval Office. Then he will think he won. He’ll never know the difference.
  7. If, a big if, they were competent. if you have ever dealt with the Federal government bureaucrats you might come to the realization that most are not! Does not have anything to do with loyalties. But a leader should be able to put people in place that share the same ideals.
  8. Never listened to any of those “entertainers “ don’t plane on starting now.
  9. To be clear, there was no FUMBLE, The QB muffed the snap,which is a backward pass by rule. He then attempted to spike the ball and did it backwards which is a live ball. There was a inadvertent whistle which killed the play.
  10. Exactly the reasons we don’t trust WHO.
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