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  1. You and me brother! Nor MLB OR NBA and definitely not women’s soccer ( actually soccer of any kind)
  2. I agree with him. Tell all of the woke culture, pro sports, Hollywood, etc to take a hike! #Texit
  3. Hurrah for Abbott, let MLB live with the consequences of no fans in the seats or watching. The big contract they signed with China will have to do it for them
  4. As King George said, “ if you’ll buy that I throw the Golden Gate in free”
  5. I’ll match ya any day and way older than you
  6. We just want an honest election where those ELIGIBLE to vote can vote, that will require and
  7. A California teacher now says people wanting their kids in the classroom getting in person educate white supremacists! Smfh
  8. Name themBarry, you spout that number but never produce ya windbag
  9. I never used the word only. I said the schools are about the children, never used the word only.
  10. Is he supposed to stand at the border and hold the cold front back?
  11. Didn’t say that at all but it has to balance regarding this issue the kids need to be in school to learn
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