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  1. I promise to behave @Racer55. I was just having flashbacks to the tearing down the goal post debacle of 2019
  2. Prayers everyone stays healthy and China free. Should be interesting to see how the rest of the season shakes out. 5-3A standings MV Mineola Pottsboro Winnsboro
  3. This whole thing has been reported to Smoaky. Someone is trying to be an idiot and act like me. The whole thing is childish. They think they are being funny, but they are not. This started last year during the season and it started back up this year. I have nothing to gain by trashing anybody at Sabine. I’m extremely happy with my new job, and have no regrets for moving to White Oak. BClove knows me and so do many more people on this site. I have nothing but respect for the Sabine program and all the people involved. I don’t have to like everyone in the program to respect what has bee
  4. You can’t give us at least a chance against New Boston?
  5. Carry on. I forgot this was the 6-3A post. My bad have fun.
  6. This is poster is full of #### and needs to be banned.
  7. You would think, I been around this board since it started, and last year when Sabine went to GW, those kids were fired up and protecting those goal posts. The kids read the post. I changed names because I changed jobs. Talk about the game at hand. Let’s battle Sabine first and then we can talk to Da Bears.
  8. Racer55 remember when Sabine fans couldn’t stop talking trash to Gladewater. Talking about tearing down parts of the stadium. Let the kids play the game without giving GW any bulletin board material. It didn’t turn out good for the Cards last year...... Let’s talk about this week.
  9. White Oak broke the losing streak after finally getting on the field for their first game. Atlanta seems to be down, but it’s hard to tell with their brutal pre-district game. Should be fun this week.
  10. Some players were recovering from Covid, taking their best interest to heart. Spring Hill had not shut down or had sick players so 1 day notice was ok. If WO was healthy those 2 weeks, the SH game would have been played.
  11. That’s why we play the game. Looking forward to Friday night. Better not sleep on QC. They got a couple of w’s already. They might of got a few athletes from Atlanta.
  12. I hope the sarcasm is being recognized in my comments.
  13. Trash talk is fine. It’s people from other schools chirping in . We all know we need to get better. I like our chances even though we have not played yet. Good luck to both teams.
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