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  1. Timpson wins district Joaquin Runner up Shelbyville 3rd SA or Garrison 4th. If Barnes is out SA will be playing basketball. Early. SA has great athleticism but no defense. Been the problem since 2003.
  2. I agree. Refugio or Shiner will win it again. SA has dominated the region the last 3 years. No team I see will do the same.
  3. SA has had a great run. Still need alot of work at tackling hard nose football. This district is the toughest I've seen since 2003
  4. SA has lost its tackling skills imo.
  5. Kxxe 92.5 center Broadcasting company
  6. Joaquin lol win a ring lol. Shiner will score 80
  7. Rams deserve this game. SA has had a great run. But not this year. Maybe finish 3 rd or 4th. Timpson will win district. And region get stomped by Shiner.
  8. Heard it was Timpson up 14 to 6 mid 3rd qt
  9. Lol. Both will lose to SA. Just watch. Better get them Wolves while you can. Dang sure wouldn't have beat them the last four years. So good luck
  10. SA Defending 3 time regional champs will be fired up!!!! Texas football picked them too. Time to get tough.
  11. Shelbyville cancelled SA Timpson
  12. The bears have one good team since I graduated lol now they are the favorites. Lol.
  13. How many state titles has Ttown won? Zero that's in any sport.
  14. Onside kick and that ends the so called Timpson dynasty lmao
  15. How about this. Timpson has been irrelevant since 2003. Bro.
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