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  1. Sville will be playing their backups after 1st Q. 56-7 Drags
  2. 7th Grade ND 32-0 8th Grade ND 24-14 JV ND up 34-16 4th Q youngsters coming up for ND looking strong.
  3. I’m really not sure who was on their normal schedule but they had a covid cancellation.
  4. I don’t have details on why but wish we could have played either of those teams.
  5. No lol ... covid. But we asked mart and windthorst...both declined. We tried to get a game...
  6. It’s all good. I like it when we have to prove ourselves every week.
  7. I like it when folks rep their team even in an underdog situation like this....KUDOS....however some of the folks not associated with Carlisle that voted against the bears might need some type of mental evaluation
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