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  1. What high school in East Texas could you see hiring this coach NEXT year and have immediate success? Hmmmmmmm......., Defensive genuineness is comparable to Scott Surratt's on the offensive side of the ball. What's y'all take on this?
  2. This game pretty much determines playoff spot for both. If Pitt wins and SH somehow finds a way to lose against NL,this picture could get a little bit complicated. Pitt gets the win,but in a close one. 28-21 Pitt
  3. I'll try to retrieve it manually off of PG's live broadcast of the game from Klpi TV texarkana on youtube. Definitely was one heck of a collision for sure. Real football
  4. I have that video in my archives somewhere in my phone. Have to find it and then I'll try and post it
  5. Not calling him a savior or anything,just stated my opinion about the middle bn practically secured by his presence alone. His counterpart is out for season,so #52 and the rest of Pitt defense must and I personally think that they will take their game up to playoff type of level. That's exactly the level that any team is going to have to be at in order to make playoffs and actually compete once there. Go Pitt and take it one game at a time , starting with SH. There's nothing like Texas football on Friday nights.
  6. What play was it and maybe I can help you out with it? If it's a Pitt defensive play then i could definitely help you out with it
  7. If you have bn watching film,you would know 52 tackles aren't down field
  8. Bullard didn't have a MONSTER like this in the middle either. Just not going to happen, but take a chance on and we will see . Go Pitt!
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